3 skills of a marketing automation manager

More and more marketing professionals across the globe are acknowledging the growing importance of marketing automation in the context of running a business today. In fact, according to ResearchCorp’s Demand Generation Adoption Survey, 53 per cent of the B2B organizations and 43 per cent of B2C and combination B2B/B2C organizations have embraced marketing automation systems. But leveraging this phenomenon to your benefit is much more than just a platform — it is also about optimizing resources to utilize its full potential. And this, in turn, means that companies must have the right team to manage the marketing automation platform. Perhaps among the most important factors in referrence to such a team is its leader i.e. the marketing automation manager. We put together a list of 3 skills crucial to the success of a marketing automation manager:

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1. Such leaders must be skilled collaborators and have a strong grasp of the principles as well as strategies of data-based marketing and today’s demand generation. Hands-on experience with a marketing automation or email marketing platform is a plus!

2. Since content drives marketing programs in order to engage buyers, the MA manager must know how to shape up, build content, and run programs with content across diverse channels and also gauge its effectiveness in driving results.

3. Another set of skills critical for MA managers is their ability to build measurable programs and also know what to measure and when.

What other skills should a marketing automation manager possess? Write to us and let us know!

Author: Sandeep Shinde