3 Steps to appear in Google Maps

Google is giving more and more space on its screen to Google Maps results. It is enough to write phrases such as “Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai”, “restaurants in Mumbai” or “Doctors near me” to realize the importance of the matter.

specifies the previous image, the records that appear framed in the middle correspond to Google Places business accounts that appear in Google Maps. As you can see, these records cover most of the first page of results for a search that includes a commune within Santiago.

There may be some confusion regarding the difference between Google Places and Google Maps so it is a good time to clarify this.

What is the relationship between Google Places and Google Maps?

Google Places is a service for companies to register their business on Google. It could be compared to an online directory, like the yellow pages, only it’s free.

The information shown in Google Maps comes from companies registered in Google Places. To appear in this space you must perform these simple 3 steps.

1. Create an account in Google Places: Go to this address ( http://www.google.com/places/ ) and register your company. This service is free and quite simple. You do not even need a web page to do it.

You can include the address of your company, photos, videos, hours of attention. There are a couple of ways for Google to verify that you are the owner of the company, use the one that best suits you.

2. Complete all fields: This is one of the variables that Google takes into account when displaying records. If a company does not have much information or is wrong, you will have less chance of appearing.

Try to include photos of your products, office, staff, etc. If you have a video, upload it. Describe what your company is doing trying to use the key phrases for which you would like to appear on Google. However, do not try to cheat the system by including phrases that do not represent what your business is.

3. Include reviews (reviews): Reviews are testimonials of people who have used your products or services. Visits to a Google Places page can see how many stars (approval or measurement reflecting positive comments from users) a company has and what other users have said about it.

Google is giving a lot of weight to this information so it is very important that your company has at least a couple of positive reviews. The more reviews you have and the better quality, in better positions your registration will appear. Ask your clients to leave a comment about your company to start accumulating these reviews.

If your company is a hotel, apart hotel, restaurant, commercial store or any other establishment that serves a particular area or location, it is extremely important that you register your company in Google Places if you want to appear on the Google map.

Another way to appear in the results of Google is through its advertisingsystem in Google .

Author: Sandeep Shinde