4 SEO Tips to improve your CTR

How to Improve CTR In SEO

In recent months, the CTR has established itself as one of the main SEO factors to take into account to position our web pages since Google does not stop rewarding the user experience over any other factor.

The CTR is undoubtedly consolidating as the main SEO factor to consider for several reasons. The main one is that thanks to the CTR, Google is able to discern which results are the best within their listings when it comes to answering the user’s question.

Logically, when we click on a particular result in those Google searches we are issuing “a positive vote” for that web and overlaying it above the rest which Google values ​​positively since we send a message that this web is the one that responds to our question

Therefore, we should never neglect the CTR within our SEO strategy as it will be a fundamental indicator for both Google, and for ourselves when it comes to knowing if our content is really useful for the user.

As if this were not enough, if we achieve a high CTR as a result of a good content strategy, the rebound percentage of our website will decrease and we will improve both our SEO positioning and the user experience within our website.

That said and made it clear the fundamental role of the CTR in SEO is time to know what are the best tips when it comes to improving the CTR of your website.

All in one rich snippets

With this wordpress plugin you can get a magnificent two for one. On the one hand, you will be able to mark your posts using Schema, making it easier for Google to know what you are talking about on that particular page.

Thanks to this marking of structured data you will be able to indicate to Google if your web page is a blog, a store or a simple web of reviews.

On the other hand, this plugin implements the famous little stars that we normally see in the SERPs (searches) of Google. That is, when we do a Google search you will see how many of your results appear with stars in the form of evaluation of the post or the page.

You can achieve these stars thanks to this famous plugin so we would have a wonderful two in one for our site. We will mark the data through Schema and we will have the Rich Snippet of the stars with the same plugin.

Table of Content Plus

This plugin has taken special relevance in recent times due to its ease of installation / configuration and its effectiveness.

With this plugin we will create a perfect content index for the posts of our blog. These indexes will serve to guide the google bot throughout the article and in this way facilitate its tracking work.

As is logical, Google rewards all the facilities that are given and in this particular case recognizes these indexes in the form of a direct link from the SERPs to the different subsections of the post. In this way the click index will be improved, or what is the same, the CTR.

KK Star rating

This plugin for wordpress performs the same task with the “little stars” as the plugin All in one rich snippets. However, when implementing these votes KK Star Rating is the best plugin on the market.

It is better plugin since it gets the famous stars always appear in the SERPs (searches) of Google.

In addition, this plugin offers a wider range of configuration possibilities than the previous one because it is the most specialized wordpress plugin in this aspect.

Google +

As is logical, Google seeks to make the most of its tools and resources so it would not leave your social network behind. Despite mediocre success of its social network, Google + is a mandatory network that must be if only by SEO.

How does Google + help SEO and CTR? Well, this social network serves so that when someone searches our website or our name on Google, our photo and a direct link to our Google + profile appear. In this way, Google gives us the authorship of the articles on our blog or website.

Therefore, as in this CTR what really matters is to get the reader’s attention in the best possible way it is important that we have our Google + profile associated with our website to stand out more in the SERPs and get the famous click.


This more than purchased that the use of symbols in the descriptions and titles that appear in the SERPs of Google substantially improves the CTR of a website.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that not everything is worth when it comes to putting symbols and weird things in Google. In case of oversaturating our descriptions or symbol titles, Google will end up partially covering these symbols. Therefore, they should be used but without making the meta description or the meta title a circus of colors.

Among the icons that work in the meta title are:

✓ ® © ▷ ◁ ✔ ✆ → ⇨? 【】 ⊛ ()

However, for meta descriptions we can only use the following icons:

✓ ® © ✍ ▷ ◁ ✅✔ ✆✌? → ⇨ ➕

If you are looking for a greater number of symbols to use on your website you can always use the symbols that appear on this website

That said and to finish, as you may have observed the important thing when it comes to improving the CTR of our website is to highlight in the SERPs based on symbols, stars, photos, etc. This will catch the attention of the reader who will click on the result.

Therefore, any visual or textual resource that draws the attention of the reader will be essential to improve the metrics of this SEO factor that is so prominent lately in all SEO strategies.

Author: Sandeep Shinde