5 mistakes to avoid to be successful in Facebook Ads

Have you noticed that the reach of your posts on Facebook has significantly decreased? There are many theories that explain this behavior. On the one hand, the one that defends that the objective of this measure implanted for some time by the social network of Mark Zuckerberg is the one to increase the quality of the publications that visualize the users in his timeline. The other theory – the one with more weight – is the one that ensures that behind all this there is an economic interest. Beyond speculation, what is clear is that you are doing something very well and that as an online marketing consultancy specialized in social networksWe applaud, and that is that you are measuring the results of your actions on social networks. What is the use of launching a series of strategies in social media if we do not analyze if we are doing well or not?

Once we have detected the problem, what can we do? Our experience as a consultant in social networks has helped us to know that there are a number of tricks that, applied correctly, can improve visibility on Facebook completely free, but that is not always enough, presenting itself as a feasible alternative investment in Facebook Ads .

We refer to Facebook’s advertising system and it offers us more advantages than we can think a priori. We can not forget that it is the social network most used by users, it allows you to address a very specific audience and, best of all, it does not require a very high investment to start promoting our business.

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However, creating an ad from scratch in Facebook Ads is not easy, since there are many options to choose from, so it can become a real odyssey for someone inexperienced. Another indicator that helps us to realize that it is not an easy task are the mistakes that are made and that prevent us from being successful with our campaigns.

We are confident that if we correct those failures we will achieve our goal:

  1. Not having a planned strategy of what we want to happen, how we want it to happen and when we are talking about money, better not to leave things to chance. It is true that this is not an exact science, but we can only achieve our goals if we take the reins of our company.
  2. Do not define specific goals  One goal may be to increase my reputation, bring more traffic to my website or grow the number of fans. What you need is to specify more, quantify. It is not the same to want our community to increase in Facebook than to set a figure, such as increasing the number of daily followers by 20. If we do not define our objectives, what will we measure next?
  3. Failure on the landing page  Campaigns, in order to be successful, must direct users to a landing page consistent with the message we are sending to them. But what happens if we do not take the right page? That we will be wasting an invaluable opportunity. A common mistake is to direct it to the main page of the web, forcing you to search for the promotion. Users must find what we have promised them in the campaign announcement. Only in this way will we be able to create and maintain the link between the user and our company.
  4. Do not segment the ads or make a wrong segmentation  Not all users who are on Facebook are interested in our ad. It’s normal to think that the more people see our ad better, but it’s not like that. Stop and think for a moment. Is it correct and more effective not to show the advertisement to those people who are really interested in this topic or sector? Luckily for us, this social network has tools that offer us the possibility to segment according to the interests of users, but also according to age, sex, location, device through which they access Facebook, etc.
  5. Badly edited images  It is not worth any image and do not even think about putting the first one you see there, browsing Google. Nobody likes to complicate their lives and, since they do not have time, they throw away what they have at hand, but the truth is that a bad image can condition our campaign. So, which one to choose? A tip: use colors (never the blue of Facebook, otherwise it will not stand out) and place a call to action button.

After reading the post you will have realized that getting it right is something complicated, although you can always count on the help of a good professional who will advise you and guide you along the path of yellow tiles (or rather blue). If you happen to have another mistake, do not forget to share it with us.

Author: Sandeep Shinde