Nowadays, not having any kind of presence on the internet is practically like not existing. The habits of consumers have changed and evolved a lot, largely as a result of the development of digital media . In recent years there has been the explosion of web portals, blogs and social networks, which initially began affecting only users, behind which, obviously, brands arrived.


A large part of the companies have assumed this evolution, and consequently they have been increasing their presence in different online channels, which they use both to communicate with their consumers, and to develop their marketing and advertising strategies. The problem is that the way in which they have been doing it is not always the best because they tend to develop their online and offline strategies as separate projects , thinking that they are aimed at different audiences. But normally this is a mistake. These are some reasons for this:


  1.   The message on both channels must be the same.

The keys to a good marketing strategy are the same for the offline and online world. The audience that we address with our product is surely the same, so the message should also be identical.


  1.   A global strategy will be more coherent.

It is true that each strategy could be developed independently and then combined, but to achieve a consistent global strategy, it is much better to unite and develop them as one. That way it will always be more coherent and everything will be better integrated.


  1.   Different channels, different formats, but same message.

Online tools allow us to reach our audience in different ways. Depending on the channels we use for our strategies, we will use some formats or others, but always keeping the same strategy, the same message. Through it we will achieve a consistent global strategy.


  1.   Combining on and off will improve our strategy

It is also important to take advantage of the options that both environments give us when choosing different actions that, combined, will help us improve our strategies . When we organize an event, for example, online channels can help us spread the word and create a greater impact around it, in order to get more attendees. After the event we will also be able to share information on everything that happened during the event.


  1.   If we forget either, we will be losing impacts

For being on the internet we must not forget the offline strategy. Through offline we can redirect people to our online strategy and vice versa.

In short, the internet has enhanced global communication by providing new channels to develop strategies. These new channels are a great resource for companies, as long as they develop their strategies combining the new with what already existed and not doing different strategies.


And you, what other advantages do you see in integrating online and offline marketing?

Author: Sandeep Shinde