5 tips to improve the website of a company

The success of a business depends on how you present it. Improve your company’s website with these tips and increase its potential.

Small businesses must bet on an adequate visibility on the web to stay competitive in a market as broad as segmenting by public. There are simple actions you can take to improve the web of your company without spending money and with  basic knowledge of web development . Take advantage of the available resources that will allow you to build an attractive website, building customer loyalty and instilling your brand.



The oversized is fashionable not only in clothing, but in areas such as mobile electronics that presents increasingly larger devices. The web does not escape this rule, choosing huge letters and images that cover much of the screen . Users read vertically, sweeping titles and images with their eyes to only press the devices of their interest. Therefore, it is essential to avoid explanations or extensive paragraphs in the home : explain yourself in the inside pages and keep a clean, large and minimalist design in the beginning. As for the texts, highlight them with bold, use colors, subtract them and place an internal search engine that facilitates navigability.


The endless webs entangle users who leave the site when each menu has a submenu that in turn displays options and in each of them you have a few more. Forget about staying on your website if you have to do more than two or three scrolls to see what you offer. It serves all the synthesized content in the home , divided into blocks that highlight images. Instead of loading your website with documents and heavy information, it allows users to download in PDF regulations, contracts, calls, payment methods or other relevant explanations without filling your website or contaminating it with excess data.

Calls to action

Strategy inevitable in the digital marketing of webs oriented to the conversion, either for the purchase of a product or service, completing forms, registering, downloading a content created by your company or any other specific action that you expect from a user. You should always clarify what is expected of the person who visits your website , pointing it with verbs such as “Buy”, “Download”, “Reserve” and emphasizing the urgency, through “Now”, “Ya” or “Try it in 5″ days”. Another strategy that accompanies the calls to action, is the linking of your business blog with the site , adding visible icons that lead from one to another in case you have both.


Although it is tempting to add a few plugins to your website to run different files and add functionalities, it is counterproductive to exceed the amount. Download only the necessary – recommended and well qualified by your users – because in addition to overlapping, many times the developer does not update and speed up your website . They may also be incompatible with other tools you use in the future, creating vulnerabilities in your site.

Responsive design

A must that you can not ignore whatever the heading of your company, referring to the design that adapts to the device by which the web is displayed . In fact, Google penalizes websites that do not meet this requirement, lowering its positioning to prioritize user comfort. The lack of a responsive web design also causes loss of customers, as the navigation trend is to replace the computer with the mobile phone.



Author: Sandeep Shinde