The 6 most common errors of YouTube channels that you should avoid

Youtube 6 Tips

If you work in digital marketing, you have heard about having a YouTube channel. But not everyone knows how to handle it, especially if it is to expose a very specific topic, such as investments in binary options , or something like that. In short, instead of letting your YouTube channel -both personal and business- fall into oblivion, it is better to ask yourself if you are making a mistake.

Many times companies and inexperienced community managers believe that managing a YouTube channel is simple, but the truth is that they end up creating a channel that they never update and that looks bad.

Instead of putting your social media strategy at risk, it is better to know the 6 most common errors of the YouTube channels that you should avoid:

  1. Bad audio

    : if you do not have a good sound system, it is better not to record a YouTube video. Many people can support a video of poor quality, as long as it is heard well, but if the sound is of poor quality, there is external noise, in the background other sounds are heard, etc., the public will no longer bear it. Make sure you shoot your videos in a place without noise, that has sound isolation and good equipment, because it will be heard well from any device.

  1. Content without concordance

    : uploading by upload is another very common error, because it is confusing for your audience and the content ends up being of poor quality. It is preferable that you know what your niche is and that you prepare videos made specifically for it, not that it has to do with anything else, otherwise your audience will lose confidence in your channel and stop following you.

  1. Lack of own style:

    a problem more is to copy style of videos and content of other channels. The best thing is that you create your own brand, tone, and description, that makes you differentiate from others. At first it may be difficult to find your personal style, but once you find it and see if it is successful, take it seriously and continue recording and uploading your videos with your style and without copying the others.

  1. Low quality content:

    this point goes hand in hand with audio and concordance, but the problem is that sometimes the owners of YouTube channels do not take it seriously. This is not a hobby-although it can be in many cases-so it must be a job with dedication and planning. Do not fall into the error of leaving your channel for lack of content, try to upload at least one video per month, and update your page and your profile photos frequently.

  1. There is no interaction with your audience

    : in a YouTube channel, as with other social networks, the audience will leave comments and likes or dislikes. Therefore, it is ideal to respond to your audience and interact with them, from responding to a positive comment, trying to improve a negative situation, and thanking your audience. Many people write on the YouTube channels of others for advice or help, so your channel will become more successful if you make the effort to interact with them.

  1. Very long or very short videos:

    it is normal for your YouTube channel to have videos that are a bit longer or shorter than the others, but what is not right is that they are too short or too long. If the content merits a video of more time, give the necessary for your audience to understand and follow it. If on the other hand, it is a simpler topic, make the video shorter, otherwise your audience will get bored quickly.

It is not easy to have a successful YouTube channel from one moment to the next, but it can be achieved, especially if you avoid these 6 common mistakes. Your channel can become a way to earn quick and easy money without much effort , as long as you know how to be dedicated and upload high quality content. Do not make your followers disappear, grow your channel, and gain more glimpses.

Author: Sandeep Shinde