6 reasons why it is essential to have a company page on Facebook

We all know that nowadays one of the most important channels to be promoted by a company or business is Social Networks. As we already mentioned in other articles, Facebook advertising is very important nowadays, but oddly enough, many businesses do not even have a Facebook page, and this can not be!

Facebook or Fanpage, company pages are a fundamental tool to publicize the business and be in contact with the target audience. At the same time, it is a fundamental tool to attract new customers

Still, do not have a company page on Facebook?

Here are 6 fundamental reasons why you have a Fan page.

  1. Clients will be able to know more about your company, brand, business, that is, to let you know

Having a company page on Facebook, in addition to getting closer to our customers, opens the door to reach more and more people. It gives us the possibility that potential clients know us and are interested in us.

  1. Get new customers

One of the fundamental objectives of all Fan page is to get more customers. This is achieved by giving visibility to the contents of our page. How? Developing quality content with our products or services. And with that, they call the attention of the followers and thus get users to share the publications and give likes, that is, interact with the brand.

  1. Do not focus only on selling, add extra content

A big mistake that many companies make on Facebook is filling their wall continuously with publications of their products or services. It is not wrong to continually think about getting a benefit from this social network but we must bear in mind that “overwhelm” the fans all the time with our products can be heavy. Therefore, the idea is to alternate our products or services with interesting contents related to the sector: news, advice, curiosities, etc.

  1. Make sweepstakes and promotions on Facebook

Conduct raffles? Yes, but not abuse. Not another thing, but we love the Spaniards for free! It is good to make sporadic raffles since we will get more followers and reach in our Fan page, but it is not advisable to make them often since probably the followers that we get are a high number but they are not future clients but people who want to win something for free.

  1. Customer Support

A great advantage that Facebook allows you is direct contact with customers. Your Facebook page will allow you, among many other things, to solve doubts, know opinions of customers, respond to complaints or know what products they like most to your audience.

  1. Generate traffic to your web

Another great advantage is that the traffic to your website will increase as people who know you through Facebook and who are interested in your products will want to know more about them and go to your website.

Do not stand still, and go for it!

Author: Sandeep Shinde