How to adjust the properties of a webcam on a laptop?

The properties of your webcam are where you go to update the driver, disable the hardware, uninstall the camera and see other information about your device. Many models of laptops are equipped with integrated webcams. This can make it difficult to identify the device inside Windows, since it is not a separate piece of hardware that you have installed. However, you can access the properties of your webcam at any time using the built-in Windows tools that are available on all versions of the operating system.

Here is 6 Simple Steps to adjust the properties of a webcam on a laptop



Click “Start” and open the “Control Panel”.


Select “System”.


Open the “Device Manager”.


Expand the “Imaging Devices” section of the Device Manager.


Right click on the webcam entry and select “Properties”.


Click on the “Driver” tab. Select “Update Driver” to install a new version of the webcam driver. Select “Disable” to temporarily disable your webcam. Clicking “Enable” will re-enable. Select “Driver Details” to view information about the current driver.Select “Uninstall” to uninstall the webcam driver from your system. This can cause your webcam to stop working properly.

Author: Sandeep Shinde