1. A good Hosting is of vital importance:   I’ve already talked about how important a good hosting is for everything. A good hosting is of vital importance. A quality server is essential, it will depend on a very high percentage of the speed of your website and the goal is to reduce the response time of the server.

2. That you must have a good hosting to give us speed on the internet:  The server, if possible, should be in your country or close to it, in this way the response time will be less and problems related to network connectivity will be much lower. It is important that the Hosting you use has SSDs. Access to your website’s data will be faster using these discs. A hosting that has the latest technologies at the server level is very important. Having the latest version of PHP and HTTP / 2 are two factors that will influence the speed. Make sure your hosting has the PHP 7 version and that it is activated by your server or activate it yourself from your control panel.

The images are very important as we will see later, we must always reduce them to the maximum before uploading them, this will give your website a lot of score (it is the main speed factors). It is also a positive factor that your hosting has a replica server or security in case they detect that a server begins to have performance problems, they can act to solve the errors. Although it does not seem to have to do with speed, the fact that a Hosting uses firewalls to detect SPAM traffic is important. Your website will be more fluid since you will avoid unnecessary login attempts that could end up slowing down your website. As you can see, they are small factors that will help each one in their measure, providing a granite of speed. As always I say a little bit of everything “it does a lot”.

3. Use a quick template:  Using a template with good code and optimized is another of the predetermined factors to make your website is fast. Shortcodes or sliders will do nothing but overload the theme and may generate content blocks. The solution is to load the content at the end of the page or to do it asynchronously, for this there are plugins that you will see at the end of the article but as I said at the beginning of it, you can create visualization problems. The multipurpose themes are very attractive for the design but if you want to gain speed you have to see what the project is for and if it compensates for the loss of speed it can generate.

4. Use a Caché plugin:  The one that serves all the information of your fast web site is obtained with a plugin of cache. Your website will be displayed by a copy without having to resort to full service thus avoiding the unnecessary burden of resources. With a Caché plugin, when a user returns to visit your website you will not need to download these files again from the Internet, but download them from your own browser, with the consequent gain in speed. There are several types of cache plugin. Wp Rocket is highly recommended and it seems that it fulfills its functions quite well.

5. Use https (SSL Certificate):  Indirectly load the websites faster in https. Nowadays a website includes a lot of external elements: images for web, CSS, JavaScript, sources, etc. The great advance of HTTP / 2 is that the browser can download in parallel all the elements of your website, so the optimization in loading speed is spectacular. Currently the latest versions of chrome, firefox or safari have it. If you want to install the SLL certificate you can read the article on how to migrate from https to https. A good hosting, a good theme, cache, https or AMP are an important part in the speed

6. Use the Wp Optimize plugin:  This Wp Optimize plugin cleans your database eliminating unnecessary data, spam, metadata, temporary elements, waste … Installing and uninstalling plugins can leave dirt. Eliminate them with Wp Optimize and you will see how to improve the speed of your website. Although Wp Optimize eliminates them, I recommend that you deactivate in the comments option of your wordpress the pingbacks and trackbacks, besides that you will avoid the spam, it will be a small point in favor of the speed. Disable this plugin once you use it, it will not consume resources.

7. Use the Autoptimize plugin:  Autoptimize is a plugin to optimize HTML, Javascript and CSS code, these are calls from your website and consume resources. Autoptimize allows you to cache all this optimized code so that it does not need to be loaded every time a visitor comes to your website. Its operation is very simple, you simply have to activate the following options that will appear when clicking on advanced options (top of plugin). Reducing the amount of CSS and JS files in each load will result in a big difference in the speed of your website. Google page speed is more sensitive than Gtmetrix and advises to have the Css and Javascript on a separate server. This is done by Autoptimize, optimizing the delivery of css wordpress.

8. Reduce the weight of the images to the maximum:  The images is the most important factor of the evaluation in the speed test. The fact that the images weigh little, will mark the highest percentage of the best or worst performance of your website. If you use Sliders or a multitude of images uploaded without reduction, it will greatly affect the speed of your website, there are projects in which the client wants them for their websites since they are still visual but you have to know that they consume a lot of resources. You have to upload the images with the ideal dimensions to your site, there are models that can serve the scaled image, the reduction even though they represent less size, they still call the big image; we must avoid this because it reduces the load time a lot.

9. Remove social plugins: The wordpress plugins of social networks consume a lot, it is necessary to make the websites have the least possible number of JavaScripts and CSS files. Avoid using social buttons throughout the website, being essential elements try to locate them only on the sites you really need. If you want to use the boxes of social networks use the codes provided by each social network, avoid using plugins that tell you how many followers you have on social networks, followers’ faces, facebook comments etc, without doing this you will increase your speed somewhat. See the results after removing the new badge plugin from google +. You should try to eliminate this type of plugins if you really do not need it, also as I mentioned you can insert the html or iframe code directly provided by each social network platform

So far the 9 easy steps to optimize your website and increase the speed , as you have seen, speed is very important to be optimized on your website. A better usability and a lower bounce rate by the user will improve SEO and tell Google that your website is navigable after accelerating the loading of web pages. Perform speed test, observe the errors and try these steps that I have indicated to see if you are able to get the best results to increase your speed.

Tell me what other points do you consider necessary for your website to be fast? Do you use others apart from the list I have shown you? Do you know other methods on how to make a website load faster?


Today we want everything fast, we go in a hurry and if something is not served immediately, we abandon it. With a website the same thing happens, if your website is not fast the user will get tired, will not wait and will go to the page of your competition; We are going to show you how to make your website faster. They say that a user can not stand more than 6 seconds to open a website. You can believe that it is not so much if two, three, ten or twenty people do not have the patience to wait for your website to load, I have to tell you that it is important, think; What if that person who did not want to wait would have bought you if he arrives quickly? You would be leaving a potential user or buyer in the air.

Amazon stops making a lot of money when your website slows down. It is not easy to lose 6 seconds the speed of websites, I also tell you that it depends on the use you want to give your website. I’m going to give you the essential points to make a good WPO (Web Performance Optimization) and get your website to be as fast as possible and as a consequence increase your SEO positioning . We have already seen how to improve your website , now we are going to focus on how to make your website faster.


It is necessary to take into account that these factors that you will see to optimize your website to the maximum, each person will not work the same, so I will show you the steps with which you can go testing what is the best way to have a very fast website with some essential information. Other factors to accelerate the loading speed of your website, you will have to go through several specific plugins that I will show you in order to increase the speed of your website and as a result increase search engine positioning.


Normally, speed errors are generated through CSS and SCRIPTS and are the most difficult to repair. If you have the idea of getting a 100/100 better than you know since that is practically impossible. Unless you are a programmer and use your own template and without fanfare, forget about getting those values in your web analytics. Page speed, even if it’s from Google, is the least reliable, since more than speed, you want your website to be easily traceable. Why not use PageSpeed Insights to measure the loading speed of your website? Pagespeed scores are very strict, do not obsess with them and analyze your website with other tools such as Pingdom or Gtmetrix to calculate the internet speed of the websites.

Google Page Speed can even slow down your website as you pay attention to it. I know what you’re thinking, it’s from Google and you have to pay attention to it, that’s clear, but you have to know that it’s not a perfect tool, and many times it asks you to optimize parts of your website that are already there. You can not ignore it if it asks you to give up certain aspects that are not really slowing down your website and may be generating income for example. Use other measurement tools observing that you recommend Pagespeed but do not even consider raising your values at all costs.

WHY SOMETIMES IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO RAISE VALUES AT MAXIMUM AND REDUCE SPEED? A very typical Page Speed warning in its speed analysis is “remove the javascript that blocks the display and the CSS of the content of the upper half of the page”. This forces you to use CSS instead of images and is solved with an asynchronous web loading plugin as we will see later, the problem is that it may not show your web correctly. How are these notices you will find some more that are sometimes very difficult to eliminate. The javascripts files for example should be loaded at the end and this is very difficult to do so in parts of a web page due to the weight of them. There are no magic formulas to get the maximum speed in your web

Do not be fooled by magic formulas, each website is one way, it is clear that you have to have a website that loads in less than 6 seconds as they say, but do not be alarmed and stop using certain resources that compensate that slight loss of speed. Think that there will be times when you will have to measure analytics events or insert the Facebook ads pixel into your website if you want to create an advertising campaign and all this reduces speed. You have to try to reduce the load to the maximum and that is done with a good job on your part but there are other factors that depend on each website and the needs you have at certain times.

Author: Sandeep Shinde