How to Troubleshoot Intermittent Internet Connectivity

Several computer models include two specific hardware components that allow the device to connect to the Internet: an Ethernet adapter card and a wireless adapter card. These cards are also called network adapters or network cards. If your computer suffers from an intermittent Internet connection, and your ISP does not detect any problem at its end, you can update the software of the network adapters to resolve the intermittent connection. If the update of the adapters does not resolve the problem, it resets the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and Winsock to restore the connection.

Here is 9 Simple Steps to Troubleshoot Intermittent Internet Connectivity

Reinstall the network adapter

1. Click “Start”. Click on “Control Panel”. Type “Administrator” in the search bar. Click “Device Manager.”

2. Wide “Network Adapters”. You must have a cable adapter and a wireless adapter if your computer has wireless support.

3. Double-click on each adapter. Record the name of the adapter as well as the name of the manufacturer.

4. Visit the website of the computer or the network adapter manufacturer if you installed the adapter on the computer yourself.If the adapter was supplied with the computer, go to the computer manufacturer’s website instead.

5. Select the “Support”, “Download” or “Drivers page” option. Look for your computer or adapter model. Select your operating system.

6.Click on the category “Network”, “LAN” or “Internet”. Download the latest adapters for your network devices.

7.Click “Save” or “Save As” and save the files to the desktop. Return to Device Manager. Click the first device. Click on “Update driver software”.

8.Click “Search my system for driver software”. Follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the device driver. Repeat the process for the other network device.

9.Restart the computer after reinstalling the drivers to repair the intermittent Internet problem.

Change the IP

  • Log on to Windows as an administrator. Hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys to open the Windows Task Manager.

  • Click on “File”. Click on “New task”. Type “cmd” and press Enter to open the command prompt.

  • Type “netsh int ip restart c: \ resetlog.txt” at the command prompt. Press Enter to retype the TCP / IP registry keys.

  • Enter “netsh winsock reset” at the command line prompt. Press Enter to restart the Winsock catalog and resolve the intermittent Internet problem.

Author: Sandeep Shinde