Logistics and distribution combine to find the best way to distribute products and services, here we will give you some tips dictated by experts so that you can market your products without any problem. The distribution of manufactures can be made directly to the consumers as long as the merchants have the objective of covering small areas; the product can also be marketed to retailers in a specific area or to supermarkets, as long as they accept large quantities to supply a large clientele. Another possibility that logistics and distribution poses is the distribution of manufactures to wholesalers or to institutions and services that are dedicated solely to our business, that is, if we market food,Among the factors that the logistics and distribution considers as relevant when selling the good we have: processed and required quantities, margins and surcharges, payment arrangements and transportation arrangements. In some cases, there may be a problem of space for both wholesalers and retailers, in such circumstances it is very likely that the customer asks us for a monthly or bimonthly supply, so we must be prepared and perform an efficient inventory control by the time the distribution date reaches that customer, we do not have a shortage of manufactures. Once we are clear on where to ship the product, logisticsand distribution that we must first of all verify the transport needs, ie in the event that we must supply a large number of retailers through daily or weekly deliveries, then we must acquire a large and own vehicle. Otherwise, if the idea is to dispatch loads in a few stores, it is advisable to hire a local transporter to deliver the products once a week. The logistics and distribution are two parameters that we can not ignore when assessing the production process of our company, therefore, on our site you will find enough information for your company marche successfully and smoothly.

What is the sena function manual ?

The National Service of Learning SENA, presents the “Specific Manual of Functions, Minimum Requirements and Labor Competencies”, of the Public Servants of the entity, which has been adapted to the current structure determined by Decree 249 of 2004, to the Plant and the nomenclature of posts indicated in the 1426 of 1998, 248 and 250 of 2004, 1730 and 3696 of 2006, as well as Decrees 770, 2539, 2772 of 2005 and 871 of 2006, which establish the general functions for the different public jobs of the entities of the National Order.It is an important tool in that it allows to verify to each public servant what to do according to the salary level and the hierarchical level in which it is located within the organization. It aims to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of SENA’s human talent, and its main objective is to foster in the Institution the dynamics of change aimed at achieving competitiveness, aware of the important task of vocational training vis-à-vis the country, the citizen and to the changing world in which we find ourselves.

What is the mission, the vision of the seine?

Author: Sandeep Shinde