Have you already prepared your SEO / SEM strategy for the 2019?

How to prepare SEO and SEM strategy for 2019

  1. Black Friday is an online phenomenon, so it is very important to have the web “perfect” and ready for it, the data show that 62% of purchases were related to the online channel, ie people consulted web pages, they bought through them.
  2. Have our pages adapted, responsive websites? “Black Friday is an increasingly mobile phenomenon” This makes us think about these dates with more interest the importance of having our web adapted to new technologies, that is, having a responsive format so that the experience of our users is the best possible and thus enhance the purchase or information
  3. Connect with indecisive consumers. It is very useful to enhance our online marketing strategy weeks before the date of the event, users who buy products or services that day, they are clear, the action to convince the customer has to be during previous weeks that is when people take the decision to buy or not. And the data shows that Black Friday is a phenomenon that lasts 3 weeks since “70% of the notoriety is concentrated in the previous 20 days”
  4. The advertising for Black Friday , during this period there is “a special advertising coverage” something that has its advantages because if at that time it has an advertising campaign will surely have more chances of getting impressions but also has drawbacks, and that competition increases The data confirm that in 2017 the “volume of impressions per search grew 26% during that week in the main categories (clothing, electronics, home, jewelry ..)

Google leaves us a small list of actions we can take to be prepared:

  • Work the “Upper Funnel” campaigns
  • Secure the basic accounts
  • Adapt creatives
  • Maintain the position highlighted in the search engine
  • Capture your audience

The phenomenon Black Friday is a phenomenon that in Spain has penetrated very deep, and is that it is estimated that it is capable of moving 1,267 million euros in business volume, and the most benefited are the e-commerces.

So this 2018 takes advantage of this business opportunity . Set up your website so that this day becomes an optimal resource.

We have to bear in mind that even though Black Friday is an open door to our customers, we can not expect that by doing SEO actions a week before we get the results we expect.

In order to achieve notoriety that day we need that the actions we are going to carry out have been planned months before. But you may have the doubt of, am I interested in increasing my investment in search, display, shopping or social networks?

The answer to this depends on many variables, but above all the key question you must ask yourself is do you have the possibility of offering a competitive product at an unbeatable price? Have you planned the strategy well for this day? Do you know what goals you want to achieve? How will you make profitable Black Friday sales? Depending on these answers, it would be interesting to invest or not to do so.

And it is that … In closed eyes do not enter offers

Author: Sandeep Shinde