The best Digital Marketing strategies (updated 2018)

what are the best digital marketing strategies that work in 2018.

Digital marketing  is a set of strategies to promote products and services in online platforms: websites, social networks, blog, emails, SEO, mobile, etc.

With this in mind, you can more easily understand what is allowed and what is not within the marketing on the Internet.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Everyone talks about Social Networks and Websites as guiding axes of online marketing. It is correct to bet on it but you should bear in mind that everyone is doing the same. Therefore you have to find new ways to connect with users.

Below we will leave you the most used strategies and how you really should use them to go further than your competition.

1. Content Marketing

More than an isolated trend, it is the backbone by which everything you do in digital marketing should be governed. Content marketing is based on the design, creation and distribution of relevant and creative content to attract the attention of the audience and, at certain times, convert them into customers.

It is no surprise that in the previous year, 75% of B2B and B2C companies increased their marketing budgets in content strategies ( Pointvisible ).

All the efforts you make in mailing, social networks, blogs, ifografías, videos, etc. They should be oriented to solve customer problems, but not to talk about your product only.

We agree that what you have to offer them is the solution they need, but in most cases people are not even clear what problem they have.

Clients do not have ideas, they have problems

Content marketing should be aimed at inserting content oriented to people. This, through placing ourselves in the user’s navigation, resolving their doubts with materials that give them value.

How to create an effective content strategy?

With the sea of ​​information on the internet, it is currently more complicated to attract people to our content. We are aware of that.

The key is not only to create articles, infographics or posts on social networks. More than 10 years ago the phrase “Content is the King” was true; today we should add that only quality content is successful.

Therefore, you should take into consideration the following points to get a few minutes of your audience’s time and be able to eventually get new customers:

For whom you are creating content

It is essential that you meet your target. Currently, you are likely to do a study of how your potential clients are, but the reality is that you have to go further and further into your research.

It is not enough to determine demographic data such as age or sex, find another type of information that gives you enough to have a more specific radiography of the audience you are targeting.

Identify what they like, what catches their attention, what channels they are informed about, what their personal challenges are, etc. Everything from an ethical perspective that only serves to create contents that make sense to them.

What problem are you going to solve 

By knowing your target audience deeply, you can know what is causing them the most problems. Identify in forums, social networks, facebook groups, etc. The most common topic among the people you are addressing to have a broader picture.

Once you know what they are most concerned about, you can design contents focused on providing solutions aimed at your product. But do not get confused, it’s not about adapting any problem to your brand; is to find a way to make you see the value of your offer to consumers.

The ideal format 

If you know your audience in detail, you will know the format that they like to consume the most. Among the most popular are videos, infographics, eBooks and checklists.

Determining what type of format your content offer will have is 100% based on the characteristics of the audience. Are they more visual? Do they like to read? Do they prefer hard data or minimalist design?

The channels that you are going to use

It is a reality that almost everyone is on Facebook. From the youngest to elderly people who regularly consult the most famous social platform in the world.

However, according to the profile of each person, the channels where most spend time are different.

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How often will you post 

You should know that there is no exact time to publish. We know that many times you have searched for schedules in which you have to program your posts in order to find the precise time in which your audience is connected.

They are lie

There is no ideal time to launch a campaign on Facebook, Instagram or any digital media. Although, there are statistical recommendations of the schedules in which you can obtain a greater scope, everything depends on the behavior of your public and your interaction with your brand.

It is true that some consistency must be maintained in the publication of content. This in order not to lose the interest of those to whom you are heading. However, their behavior in networks is very variable, which greatly influences whether they see your content or not.

In addition, specifically speaking of Fecebook, you should know that recently announced changes in its algorithm so that now will be given priority to organic content of contacts, leaving aside the reference to products and services.

The solution?

Make the contents of your brand are content that your audience wants to consume. Focus on offering something useful so that it is shareable, that is, when you see it, your audience recommends it and you reach a greater reach.

TIP: use keywords to rank in search engines

The following online marketing strategies should adopt the consumer approach. In all content is used, try to be as useful as possible.

 2. Mailing

Email marketing is perhaps the oldest of the electronic commerce systems that exist, its use is so useful that it has replaced postal mail in many aspects, given its low cost.

There is a myth about the sending of emails. This is because many times massive mail chains are sent to large databases that do not take into account the context of the recipients.

The effectiveness of a good mailing campaign lies in the personalization and total consideration of the context of the person who will receive the mail. This will prevent it from being marked as SPAM or sent directly to the garbage.

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3. SEO or Search Marketing

It is no secret to anyone that web positioning is vital when developing a good digital marketing campaign. Not appearing among the first results of the search engines, dramatically influences the necessary traffic to our website, which will be reflected in our billing.

Whether we do a paid web positioning campaign through Google AdWords or use particular positioning techniques, or even combine both, the goal is to achieve traffic to our website and increase the penetration of our brand, expand our market and ultimately close more sales

If you have doubts about the advantages and disadvantages of the pay per click and SEO strategies, we invite you to check our infographic with the  Differences between SEO and SEM .

Also these web positioning strategies if combined with other tools will be much more effective, work much better as part of a gear, since they are a very important point in digital marketing.

4. Marketing in Social Networks

By social media we mean all the platforms that exist today in the web, from which you can exchange videos, photos and files, make publications and interact with our friends, family and colleagues.

Thus we have a wide range of options within social media, of which social networks such as Facebook, are best known for the prolific use of millions of users worldwide.

On the other hand there is the possibility of publishing and sharing videos and photographs through YouTube and Instagram; We can also publish quality content in blogs, share our campaign progress through Twitter.

In short it is a very broad variety within which we can generate content, find future customers, publish advertising, while generating visits to our website and help with the generation of traffic.

But the social media in digital marketing is not an end but a means, and we must have it clear so as not to get lost in the way forgetting our main objectives.

5. Electronic commerce

The possibility that customers may have the possibility of completing an online transaction, according to scholars of the subject of digital marketing, constitutes a real revolution within what until now was known as commerce, speaking of 15 years ago, the mass of commerce electronic popularized by portals like Amazon or eBay was unthinkable before its existence.

To give a plus to the integration of e-commerce in digital marketing strategies, we leave you this video with the basic elements to make it work:


Offering electronic commerce mechanisms within your online business, will facilitate many of your work, at the same time generating confidence and comfort for your clients.

6. Marketing automation

We have already seen, analyzed and know separately the most important tools in digital marketing.

Now close your eyes and imagine the possibility of having all these tools working all in unison in the same gear, as the only goal of your digital marketing strategies, in an All in one program.

Imagine that you could establish a strong relationship with your customers to the point of accompanying them throughout the process, since they are prospects of customers or leads, to close your sales with them, and even more that their customers become ambassadors of your brand, in ambassadors of your business.

And even more imagine that all this can happen within an organic and automated system that begins by attracting your prospects, educating them with quality content, converting them into clients, loyalty and that is a direct relationship without intermediaries, the client and your brand face to face.

Open your eyes and wake up because that dream is a reality, it is called Inbound Marketing and is based on the needs of the client, it is not invasive but internal, its effectiveness is highly proven to the point that Google today uses Inbound marketing strategies to Web positioning in your browser.

The methodology consists of attracting visitors, converting them into prospects or leads and then, through a nurturing process, directing them towards the knowledge of your product as the best alternative to their needs and problems.


The creation and distribution of relevant content for your audience will make the ideal customers of your brand find your product or service without having to pay huge amounts of money in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

By generating content that makes sense to people and adds value to their lives, you will for sure clients loyal to your brand that will find in it the answers they are looking for.

Inbound Marketing is the result of years of creation of digital marketing strategies. Next, a brief history of how this came about.

It began to talk about digital marketing since the early nineties when the proliferation of personal computers and Internet access increased and more and more people used online channels to inform themselves.

It was then that brands moved their efforts to new trends. The majority divides the history of digital marketing in two phases: 1.0 and 2.0, however nowadays we can talk about 3.0 and even 4.0.

With web 1.0, digital marketing basically consisted of adapting what was done in traditional media to digital platforms.

In web 2.0 , communication with the audience changed. Here, with social networks and blogs, brands could receive feedback on what they published and thus generate a closer interaction.

Philip Kotler proposed the definition of marketing 3.0 where brands consider their consumers as complete human beings: with needs, desires and values.

Therefore, the behavior towards the audience is personalized, leaving behind simple statistical data and incorporating a philosophy focused on meeting the wishes of the clients.

Recently, the author launched a book called marketing 4.0 where it is completely digital environment as the field where the best marketing strategies are developed.

In this stage, brands stop behaving like big controlling corporations and become more friendly with consumers. This through the contribution of value, beyond only goods and services.

According to Kotler, marketing 4.0 seeks to gain the trust of customers. Similar to Inbound Marketing, in this philosophy, intrusive practices are left behind and strategies are adopted with contents that attract the prospect to the brand.

The revolution of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the path that ALL companies are taking due to the great potential for success and increased sales at a relatively low cost.

In 2018 there is no emphasis on transferring efforts from the traditional to the digital, as the importance of moving and integrating strategies to online platforms has become clear.

Before, doing digital marketing was an advantage over other companies, since not many were implementing it in their strategies; today it is more than elementary to have an online presence.

Doing digital marketing is not just about posting regularly on Facebook, uploading a video to YouTube, opening a company profile on Instagram or sending huge chains of mails to huge databases.

One of the trends that will govern digital marketing in 2018 is the personalization of content

If you are used to advertising campaigns here and there on the internet, we have news …

Users detest your ads

According to a study by HubSpot , more than 43% of Internet users said that the ads that break their navigation seem more intrusive today than 2 or 3 years ago.

The serious issue is that  64% said they would be willing to add an ad blocker in their browser to avoid seeing ads, because they are annoying and intrusive.

So, leave behind those campaigns that do not add value to users. They have all kinds of tools at their disposal to avoid seeing something about your product if you intend to talk only about it.

34% of clicks to PPC ads are by mistake

In case you are successful in your PPC strategies or campaigns without personalization, let us tell you that, although 40% will have clicked because your ad was interesting, a huge 34% did it by accident .

This means that digital marketing should stop meddling in the navigation of people and start offering value, through personalization in order to connect with them, gain their trust and convert them into customers. 

You will ask yourself , then, what is the correct path in digital marketing?

Social networks, mailing, mobile, SEO are the best known online marketing strategies but their success lies in the approach adopted to digest the audiences.

Author: Sandeep Shinde