Choose what to see first in the Facebook news section

For a few days, Facebook allows us to choose, in a much more personalized and intuitive way, what we want to see first in our news wall , that is, it allows us to choose which people or pages we want to appear in the upper part of our section news, the truth, a luxury! Today, I explain how it is done, it is very simple.

First of all, we are on the Facebook start page , that is, on the news wall and we will see that in the menu on the left, first, our name appears (the profile) and below: DIRECT ACCESS , Following this, what interests us> News . Well, there, just to the right, we will see 3 dots (…), that’s where we have to click.

Next, we must click on Edit preferences and a screen like this will appear:

From here, super intuitive and easy:

  • Prioritize who to see first > Here you can choose which people or pages you want to see first in the news section of your Facebook wall.
  • Stop following people and hide their posts > Likewise, you can also stop seeing the posts of some people or pages, although I always say that, if we do not want to see what some people publish, we better stop following them.
  • Reconnect with people you stopped following > If you stopped following someone long ago, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to start following him again.
  • Discover pages that match your interests > Another really interesting option is this, Facebook offers us pages that, according to our interests, could please us.
  • See more options > In this section, Facebook shows us applications that we hide in the news section and that we might like to see again.

In short, `Facebook is not so bad ‘  hehe and in the end gives us the option to configure it to our liking.

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Author: Sandeep Shinde