Cortana will no longer bother installing Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise

In response to user complaints, Microsoft has announced that it will silence Cortana during the initial configuration of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education. This change will be presented with the next update of Windows 10 19H1, whose release is expected for next April.

If you have ever carried out the installation of Windows 10 since last year on a computer since last year, you should know that Microsoft’s voice assistant is quite annoying.

In 2017, the Redmond giant integrated Cortana in the process of installing its operating system with very good intentions: allowing users to configure the computer with their voice without the need to use the keyboard and the mouse. Thus, through the wizard, it is possible to tell the

However, this feature has caused more headaches than anything else. So says Microsoft, which admits that users have complained that the presence of Cortana during the installation process is annoying, especially to system administrators who have to install Windows 10 on numerous computers.

For this reason, the company has decided to deactivate by default the help of Cortana during the clean installation of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education. “Based on the comments, if you perform a clean installation of the editions Pro, Enterprise or Education of Windows, Cortana’s voice-over will be deactivated by default,” explains the corporation in the blog post that collects the news of the Build 18309 Windows 10. However, whoever wants to can activate the narrator at any time by pressing WIN + Ctrl + Enter.

As we said at the beginning, this change will be implemented in the next update of Windows 10 with code name 19H1, which will arrive in April. Unfortunately, if you are a Windows 10 Home Edition user and you perform a clean installation of the operating system, Cortana will continue to be present

Author: Sandeep Shinde