Difference between Excel worksheet and workbook

Workbook and Worksheet

Microsoft Excel is a powerful small business tool that allows you to organize and analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Although Excel is fairly easy to learn, there are several concepts you should know. One of these is the difference between sheet and workbook.


An Excel worksheet is a single worksheet that contains cells organized in rows and columns. A worksheet begins with row number one and column A. Each cell can contain a number, text or formula. A cell can also refer to another cell on the same sheet, book or in a different workbook. In Excel 2010, the maximum size of a worksheet is 1048576 rows per 16384 columns.

Work book

A workbook is an Excel file that contains one or more worksheets. Each of the pages of the book are in different tabs at the bottom of the Excel window. By default, a new Excel workbook will contain three worksheets. You can switch between sheets by clicking on their tabs at the bottom of the Excel window. In Excel 2010, the number of sheets in a book is limited only by the available memory of your computer.

Benefits of multiple worksheets

The ability to have multiple worksheets in an Excel workbook allows you to organize your data. Each worksheet may contain a different set of data. For example, a sheet can contain the sales data of your company, a second sheet can contain your inventory and the third your expenses.

Add and rename worksheets

To add a new worksheet, click on the plus sign next to the last sheet tab. A new blank worksheet will be created. Alternatively, you can click on “Sheet” under “Insert” in the Excel main menu bar. To change the name of a worksheet, right click on its tab, select “Rename” and enter a new name followed by the “Enter” key.

Print worksheets and books

Excel gives you the option to print a single worksheet or the entire book. To print a single sheet, select “Print” from the “File” menu and press the circular button next to “Active worksheet” under the heading “What to print”. To print the entire workbook, choose the circular button next to “The entire workbook.”

Author: Sandeep Shinde