Differences Between Mac and Windows Versions of Excel

Many people do not know, but the Office suite has a version made especially for Apple’s Mac system, even after all the crap between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Apple’s trademark uniqueness.

Earlier, Mac had its own suite of office applications, but market domination by Microsoft’s Office coupled with Apple’s near-financial bankruptcy in the late 1990s made a million-dollar agreement come to fruition in 1997 and the monopoly Of the competitor’s segment was delivered on a platter to Microsoft.

And so began the era of Microsoft Office for Apple systems. (Check out the whole story by clicking here ). 20 years later, Excel for Mac is in its version 15.0 and the version for Windows is in its version 16.0. But are they the same?

The answer is no. For some reason the Mac version is more limited than the Windows version in many ways. Check out from now on the comparative between the 2 editions and where each of them stands out.

Author: Sandeep Shinde