Excel features that will save your life

Handling Excel correctly can help your work be faster and more effective.


  • Managing Excel is one of the most repeated requirements in job offers.
  • Workers from all areas can get benefits from this program.
  • Some of its functions truly reduce work time.

Excel is one of those programs that we all believe we know, and in fact, that we all claim to handle. Is that, at some point we all learned how to perform the main functions offered by this program, but … Do we remember them?

As they say, from the saying to the fact there is a long way to go. And in this case the saying applies to perfection.

It may seem simple to the naked eye, since it is one of the oldest and most extended programs in the world. But the truth is that  Excel has hundreds of functions that not all professionals appreciate. Many of them can reduce working time and be true lifesavers for office workers.

The truth is that managing Excel is one of the  most requested requirements in job offers, because companies need skilled workers to create and modify spreadsheets in which different data are recorded. In the interviews , many workers say they do manage this program, but the truth is that very few can say that they really use it efficiently and making the most of it .

Do you want to handle it better? Do you want to acquire a truly valid skill for the labor market? You should know these Excel functionalities that can really save your life in the office:

Organize your data

The main advantage of Excel sheets is that you can use them to organize your data and thus store large amounts of information in an organized way.

This allows a better division of the tasks, but at the same time a quick and easy revision of the work done.

To do so, select with the cursor all the cells you want to sort, or mark the triangle located in the upper left corner of the sheet to mark all the cells in the document. Then, select the “Data” tab of the menu and the “sort” option. At this point, you must select the criteria with which you want to sort your information and give Excel the order to do so.

This trick is fast, simple and really useful to visualize a large amount of data in a more agile way.

Eliminate double data

In large amounts of data it is difficult to detect when some are in duplicate, but thanks to Excel solving it is simple.

Again, you must select all the data with the triangle in the upper left corner and go to the “Data” tab. Once there, simply mark the option “eliminate duplicates”, mark the columns in which you want Excel to review if there is repeated data and that way you will easily achieve a cleaner template.

Change a data in several sheets

It is common to work on a spreadsheet with several tabs, one for each month or client. However, when you need to make a change in the information of all of them, the workers must go one by one making the modification manually.

In Excel there is a functionality that solves this easily and changes the information in as many tabs as you need.

Press the “command” or “control” key on your keyboard, select the tabs on which you want to make the modifications, then modify the cell in question of the tab you have open and press enter. And voila, you will already have the change applied to all the tabs.

Author: Sandeep Shinde