What factors will help to boost keywords ranking in Search Engine?

Whether it’s a traditional business, a startup startup or a consolidated SME, being visible on the Internet is key when it comes to business success, so a good SEO strategy is essential.


Keywords ranking for mobile devices

It is clear that every day there are more users who perform most of their access to the Internet through mobile devices and, therefore, also a large part of searches are made through Mobile devices. Therefore, every day there are more websites that have been adapted so that they can be viewed through mobile devices, either using AMP technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages) or through responsive technologies. That our website can be viewed quickly and comfortably on the mobile phone will offer an optimal user experience and is something that Google will take into account when  Website Listing.

Social Networks and global traffic

Social Networks are a perfect showcase to advertise a business and succeed in these channels entails a large visitor traffic to our page, so it is important to keep Social Networks updated and show content that can attract the largest possible target audience . If, in addition to the users of Social Networks, we want to expand our target audience to other segments of the population, we can use email marketing actions or paid advertising campaigns. You have to be ingenious to get different sources of traffic, which is really what significantly improves Website presence.

User experience (UX)

Achieving the best user experience is paramount. If the user enjoys an optimal organization, structure and content of a website, it will be easier to increase the conversion rate. Google assesses different factors such as the time users spend on a page, the interaction between them and the website, the CTR or percentage of clicks received when appearing in the SERPs (the results pages), the number of page views per session, or the bounce rate of visitors. The speed of loading is also very important, since users want the pages to be agile and load at the click of a mouse. An excessive load time will bore the user and will cause him to lose interest in our website.

Frequency and tracking quality

GoogleBot is responsible for tracking URLs indexed in Google. In order for our website to be relevant to this system, we must only give access to the URLs that we really want to index, discriminating the rest and thus improving the tracking frequency. On the other hand, it is necessary to optimize the web download speed. Not just for the users, but to reduce the time GoogleBot uses to download all the HTML content of a website. To be efficient, we should keep it below 500 milliseconds (half a second).

Voice searches

At the same time that access through mobile has grown exponentially, so are voice searches. The convenience of not having to type allows the user to send voice commands quickly.  If the users make brief and concise inquiries, the ideal will be to identify which are the questions that can direct them to our website and which answers they will need to find.

For this we can use longtail keywords with different semantic variables and covering many possibilities. That is to say, “Macd pizzas in Mumbai” instead of “pizzas” or “pizzas mumbai”. Answering these questions, providing solutions to users can direct them directly to our page, so we will focus efforts towards content that offers those answers that Internet users are looking for.

Web architecture and Artificial Intelligence

Halfway between semantic SEO and voice searches, we have other tools at our fingertips to make it easier for Google search engines to easily track and understand the content of our website. Therefore, it is important to maintain a good structure, with a logical and coherent order and an intuitive and attractive navigation for the user. All these elements as a whole and separately help Google to better interpret all the content of the site and improve your SEO keywords ranking. Much progress is also being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, for which numerous applications are being created that help NLP or Natural Language Processing. For its part, Google has already integrated RankBrain in its algorithm to try to simplify the most complex searches.

Author: Sandeep Shinde