I finally found my final computer: it’s called Surface

It was all chance. An accidental visit to FNAC to buy a case for the iPhonetook me to the head of a lineal in which they showed several Surface Pro in what seemed to me a price of demolition. The offer, in particular, referred to a Surface Pro 4 (the model previous to the one just introduced by Microsoft ), with keyboard case, stylus and Core i5 chip, all for less than a thousand euros.

After a couple of visits and after reading multiple analyzes that highlight the benefits of the team and especially the impressive evolution of Windows 10 , I decided to try. And yes, the word is “to prove” since I initially thought this would be a round trip: try it and possibly return it shortly for not meeting my expectations.

But over the weeks the team was gradually conquering my geek heart : everything worked without harshness and behind were the times in which there were continuous reset or the computer was frozen. The Surface Pro 4 along with Windows 10 were solid at all times and in the Windows Store there were more applications that took full advantage of the equipment.

My suspicions began to dissipate and in a short time I was victim of the second arrow of this Cupid of Redmond: the versatility. In the morning I used it as a tablet to read the news, post or consult the bank’s movements. The stylus is always there and I got used to it with increasing frequency.


Already in the street, the Surface is the minimal expression of what can be a laptop. It does not weigh, it is extremely light and fits in any backpack. But perhaps its strong point is to be able to use it like a computer made and right thanks to the keyboard cover and the posterior hinge. The “transformismo” is almost instantaneous: in seconds it happens of being a tablet to become a portable, and optionally it can also be a scrapbook.

My heart was already completely overwhelmed when using the Pen was completely natural: for my work I use a lot of mental maps and soon I used to press the top button to open the sketches app, or two presses and useOneNote … All Configurable by the user and with few harshness. It is true that there is still a long way to go, but Microsoft has achieved: Surface is my new computer … and tablet.

Author: Sandeep Shinde