Free Tool to Create Graphic Ads for AdWords – Google Web Designer

Currently, the limitation of using graphic banners in AdWords with flash format (.swf) has been exceeded since when uploading this type of format in an AdWords account the same platform indicated the possibility of converting the banner in HTML format for ensuring we also appear on devices that do not deploy flash as in iPad or iPhone.

Due to so many restrictions, it is logical that Google detected this area of opportunity and has dabbled with a novel tool that gives us a very easy to use an alternative.

Google a couple of days ago launched in the Beta stage a free tool to create focused graphic ads for use with Google AdWords known as Google Web Designer.

Nowadays you can easily work with Google AdWords because you have these updates.

With this tool you can create designs based on HTML5, innovating with interactive banners, attractive and moving graphics that can be executed on any device.

google web designer ads adwords

Download it at the following link >> Google Web Designer

Let’s quickly see some of its benefits:

  • A completely free tool, without consumption of many resources with a very clean design.
  • It has special environments such as DoubleClick, AdMob and a generic option where we can create ads in HTML5 with a specific size and format.
  • The dimensions are focused on Google AdWords, although you can create sizes according to your needs:

google web designer dimensions

  • The environment is a mix of editing program and image creation combined with a version of Flash management.
  • It has basic graphics options like any image editor of the type cut, changes sizes, fill, among others.
  • One of its novelties is the possibility of converting an object in 3D and reason that makes it so special:

google web designer in 3d

  • It has integrated fonts formats of Google Fonts and offers them directly on the platform.
  • It contains a powerful component panel that also makes it unique, effects of images that are being used a lot and stand out with the competition:

google web designer components

  • As expected, animations can be generated, but with this tool they are practically generated alone. If you have any experience on this subject it will surely be easier for you, since you only have to place the initial frame and the object in the position you want and then place it in the next frame with the change you want and the animation will automatically be generated.
  • And to close you can export the work either in a compressed way, you can select whether to use CSS prefixes to improve compatibility with all browsers and other more advanced options.

We just need to try it and improve according to our experiences, but with this tool it is inevitable that it will help us not to depend on outsourcing these services that sometimes make us lose time.

Author: Sandeep Shinde