How to get more leads with email marketing


Email Marketing, one of the most common ways of attracting and selling through the Internet, but this does not mean that being the most common, it is the least valued. On the contrary, it has managed to position itself as the most attractive to contact customers and generate sales. In this opportunity, we will tell you how you can start your campaigns and what advice to follow so you can start implementing Email Marketing in your digital strategy

I am and will always be an Educate of email marketing. We do not stop inventing things, some work very well, others regulate and the rest bad or very bad. Well, in this world of online marketing has not yet invented a strategy that in a relationship effectiveness-price can overcome the emailing (at least the well done).

If something is particularly effective email marketing is for the generation of leads. Of course, it works very well for direct sales or as a source of traffic, but if something has been done from the beginning is to make qualified contacts.


Why do Email Marketing?

Before starting, it is very safe that you can ask yourself why marketing by email. Know the following statistics and check it:

  • According to Salesforce, $ 38 is generated for every dollar invested in email marketing.
  • Email communication is considered 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined to get new customers.
  • Email is considered the third most influential channel as a public information source for B2B businesses.
  • The 86% of business professionals prefer to use the mail when it comes to trade issues.
  • According to QuickSprout, subscribers of email marketing lists often share three times more content on social networks than followers who come from other channels.

How can I start an Email Marketing campaign?

With the above data, you will understand that through Email Marketing you can get leads that become buyers. Now, to start a campaign of this type, you will need:


The first thing you should do is create a SMART goal:

  • Specific: what you want to achieve with this campaign, can be to get new leads, renew the life of past prospects, etc.
  • Measurable: what are the metrics that you will use to evaluate the performance (new subscribers,% of opening, sales, etc.)
  • Achievable: evaluate if the figures you want to reach are possible.
  • Relevant: check that this goal does represent a significant advance for your business.
  • In a defined time: put a duration to achieve this goal.

• Lead-magnet: with what to attract people

The lead-magnet as its name indicates, is the magnet with which we will attract people to leave their data. It is usually an ebook, report, technical guide, free webinar, etc.

• The message sequence

Now, you must define which messages are the most appropriate to nourish the leads that subscribe to your mailing list. In other words, what content will you send at each stage of the buyer to convert your prospect into a customer.

• The tool you will use

You need to choose the tool to send bulk messages. In this case, we recommend Mailify, it is easy to use, it has support in Spanish and anyone who wants to implement an email marketing strategy can do so without problems.

In addition, it helps you with the RGPD which is the new data processing legislation. This will avoid legal problems that can be very expensive.

Tips to generate leads with Email Marketing

You’ve already seen what you need to start your campaign, however, email marketingwill not bring great results by magic. There are certain tips to generate leads that are finally willing to buy. Here are some tips to make your mail marketing campaign more effective.

Use copywriting in all campaigns

Copywriting, considered as the science of writing to persuade, greatly influences the results of our campaigns. The words we use in each of our messages, from the subject of the message to the end of it, will largely define the conversions we get.

Therefore, to use copywriting in your favor, keep in mind the following guidelines:

– Be relevant and precise in the subject of the message. Remember that this is the first thing we can read from an email we received. If from the case you connect with your ideal buyer, it is very possible that this will interest and open your mail.

– Use a simple language and without complex terms.

– Preferably talk about you and be nice. Think that the whole text of your message is a conversation with that prospect.

– Take into account the inverted pyramid of the writing. It always starts with the most important thing to generate a greater impact and then if it includes the least relevant information.

– Write short emails, nobody will have the time or the courage to read very long messages.

– Use a call to action at the end of each email, with that you can take your prospect from one stage of the buyer’s journey to another.

 Create custom emails for cold contacts

When we talk about cold contacts, we refer to those people with whom we have never interacted and we want to attract them to our business. But why personalize these messages? because we simply do not know their current situation and get their interests. And by creating personalized emails, we can communicate more accurately with our potential customers.Email Marketing, one of the most common ways to attract and sell over the Internet

And how to customize these emails?

In order to segment your new leads, the best option is to ask more questions on the registration forms. Let’s make an example to prove it:

We are part of a company that designs the corporate image of other organizations and we have created an ebook called “How to create the logo of your dreams”. Now, in the registration form you could ask “who are you?” And put options such as: freelancer, entrepreneur, administrator of a company, etc.

By doing this, you will have to create different emails that fit the needs of each category and you can generate a greater impact. Sure, it’s more work but you guarantee greater success by establishing a personalized communication that fits the needs of different segments of your audience.

 Use your blog to generate leads

If you are developing a content marketing strategy , it is very likely that your blog is the strongest area of your business, as it attracts visitors interested in that content. Therefore, use calls to action towards lead-magnets after each article. Or use the famous pop-ups to make this CTA visible to your readers.

Attracting leads from your blog is the most recommended option, think about it, if you are consuming your content, they will be more than willing to get more knowledge that can help them solve their problems.

 Define a sequence of emails

Take advantage of the automation offered by the different tools and define email sequences. That way you will not have to be writing all the time and you can send the material to your contacts at any time of the day.

In addition, it will be necessary to make a sequence, since as part of the marketing of attraction, with the first message you send you will not get a person to buy a product or service.

How to structure a sequence?

Create messages for the stages of the buyer’s journey (discovery, consideration and decision). But be careful, not always your leads will be in the first stage, so organize what sources your prospects come from. For example, if your potential client subscribes after consuming material from the consideration stage, it would not be correct to send content that corresponds to the discovery of their need.

To avoid complications and errors during the development of your strategy, plan the sequence: duration, how often you will send the messages, what content to send, etc.

Test and analyze the results

To guarantee the success of your email marketing campaigns, it is necessary that you perform A / B tests and try different emails which generate the greatest number of conversions, openings, etc. Remember that constant evaluation will allow you to improve the results you get with your campaign.

Email Marketing in the future: will it be worth it?

The effectiveness of email marketing has been under discussion due to the emergence of chatbots. These are messenger assistants in social networks and can be automated. Although the numbers of opening of messages are greater, in terms of ROI 59% of the B2B marketers affirm that the Email Marketing is the most effective channel to recover the money invested in the digital area.

On the other hand, critics affirm that the new laws and restrictions of mail clients affect the performance of campaigns. Although it is true, only this happens when the Anti-SPAM rules are broken and the necessary requirements are not met to get our emails displayed in the priority tabs. Also, if a user is interested in our content, it is more than likely that they will check the spam folders.

So do not worry, Email Marketing will continue to reign in the coming years and allow more and more businesses to take their strategies to another level.

Finally, email marketing is a vital channel to get leads and sales, it is also accessible and economical. For that reason, we invite you to start your mail marketing campaigns. What are you waiting to start?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that having an email in a database is the same as having a lead. That would be like saying that, as you know where I live, I am your client.

We will understand the lead in a more transactional way . Okay, if we have the email there has been an action on your part that is an important advance, but to subscribe to a mailing list to be close to converting there is one (or several) steps.


Lead magnets

That said, first things first, and if there is no email there is no lead . You need to get a good database to start working, and how do I do it?

Here comes into play the so-called Lead Magnet . Users are no longer new to this, Google goes for 20 years no matter how much we continue talking about “new technologies”. This means that we all have a trajectory on the Internet and we know that leaving our email can be, in many cases, a nuisance. We think about it more and more.

Lead magnets or lead magnets are usually a high perceived value content for your target . In general what you bring is the knowledge you have as a professional or company of a certain sector in a downloadable format that can only be accessed once the email address is provided.

The content, beyond its relevance, can adopt different formats. We find courses, ebooks, infographics or, why not, exclusive promotions.

To increase the effectiveness of your strategy you can use many resources. More and more websites opt for pop-ups or exit-intents. They are somewhat invasive but you have to recognize their effectiveness and they are easily integrated into most of the CMS and customized developments.


The importance of the newsletter

It seems that we repeat ourselves a lot when we say that content is key in the digital environment, but the truth is that it can not be denied.

The newsletter can be something that you are happy to receive or directly annoyance. Much of the merit or demerit is in the content. If we just burn contacts with promotion and self-hype, we will soon see how casualties are triggered.

In addition to the content and the correct tone, the user is concerned about regularity. It is also not a good idea to saturate mailboxes with 2 emails per week, first because it is difficult to have something relevant to tell every 3 days with what the content will not be the most relevant and then because it is one of the techniques that most associates the receiver with SPAM .

On the other hand, if the subscriber is contributing value to each email, we will be creating a link and a positive predisposition . From that moment and unconsciously, the user will feel that he is receiving something in exchange for nothing with which he will be much more inclined.


Automating communication

One of the things that I value most about an emailing tool is that it offers me automation possibilities . Precisely for that reason I use Acumbamail .

Autoresponders are very useful to generate more leads. These are automatic emails that are “triggered” as a result of user action. A couple of examples:

  • You have opened a previous shipment : good if you have managed to generate your attention at least to get it to open the mail, you have some interest. An automatic mail can help you decide.


  • You have clicked on any link or on a specific link: obviously it will be more effective to make an impact as segmented as possible. If you have clicked on the email marketing course link, it is easier to respond positively to an email with an offer adjusted to it than to marketing courses in general. It is the same principle that makes retargeting work .

It is a way to automatically segment and direct the message and actions much better.


Caring for the landing

Sometimes we see email marketing campaigns that do not perform as we would like. We turn to creativity, the CTA and although we improve the CTR or the opening rate we can not close leads .

In these cases it is evident that the problem comes from the landing page . We should not forget that email marketing is usually the way to reach a landing page that is the one that closes the conversion. We can do a great job with our emails but if we then send users to a page that is not well stated, does not work or directly to the home so that “life is sought” we will not get anything.

Make the landing functional on any device, attractive and usable. But above all, make the value proposal evident and the same as that which has served to propitiate the click in the email, which is a recognizable and clear argument.


Do tests

If you want to improve do not give anything for good. Testing is becoming easier, so I recommend it to you.

Many times changing a simple call to action, the size or the layout of a button causes the results to improve markedly .

Try two variants by dividing a list in two and sending each half a different creative. Then check the results and start again. By the way: the test is more than applicable also to the landing page.

Author: Sandeep Shinde