Google Ads or Facebook Ads for my business?

Google ads vs facebook ads

Since the beginning of the promotion on the Internet, Google Ads and Facebook have been the main channels to make themselves known. To this day, Google remains the main protagonist of digital marketing, but Facebook remains the largest social network in the world. In addition, it has acquired Instagram, the network that is increasing in popularity. And at this point is when the question arises, what is better to advertise, Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

It is not that one option is better than another, but that each one is better depending on the sector of each business and the objectives that you set.

Facebook is perfect for branding while Ads is for immediate sale.

Deciding which is better is a matter of analyzing your business and the audience you want to target.

Differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Next, we tell you the 4 main differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. After reading them, we hope you have much more clear which one you should use depending on the strategy you want to follow.

1. Cost differences

Investment costs make the difference between the two platforms. The main advantage of Facebook Ads is its low cost with respect to Google Ads.

2. User needs

One of the main differences is the need of the user. At Google people are already looking for any need that has come up. On the contrary, Facebook users are browsing for mere entertainment, viewing photos or news, they are not looking for anything specific. Therefore we could say that Facebook generates a need through interests, demographics, etc. and Google solves it through keywords.

3. Conversions

Another difference are conversions. Although Google Ads requires more advertising investment, it is easier for the conversion rate to be higher than on Facebook. Google shows the ads to people who are interested or are researching a specific product they are willing to purchase. That’s why Ads campaigns are focused to generate profitability and benefits from the first day. This does not mean that Facebook does not generate conversions, but less than Ads.

4. ROI or Branding?

You must decide what objective you want to achieve. As we mentioned in the previous point, Google Ads is much more effective in terms of profitability. In contrast, Facebook Ads is essential to improve the Branding of your company, without forgetting that through Facebook you can also get sales. If you want to get a short-term benefit, Google is the channel. If what you want is to let you know, Facebook is the channel.

In digital marketing, there is no single path or only one way. With this, both channels are compatible. But if they are not, the important thing is to define very well what you want to achieve in the short and long term. And with that, see where to start the strategy and, later, were to continue.

How to define this part is the most important and, the most complex, it is essential to consult with professionals to choose the best option. Therefore, I invite you to contact me!

Author: Sandeep Shinde