Google Chrome changes look, so the browser looks in its new version

As if going out to party, the famous internet search engine decided to celebrate his tenth birthday by changing the shape of his tabs, search bar and incorporated new features.

Courtesy Google

“Time flies by,” some will think when they learn that the popular Internet browser, Google Chrome , turned 10 years old. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the team behind this technological development decided to give it a new look and include new things.

Let’s start with his new look. The users of this search engine realized that Google decided to opt for a more minimalist style . The browser tabs now have rounded edges as well as the search bar.

In addition to the above, this search engine incorporated new icons and a new color palette .

“Take the tabs, for example. Are you a secret eyelash hoarder? we change the form of these so that the icons of the website are easier to see, which makes it easier to navigate between a sea of tabs, “Google said.

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Mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, will also experience changes. For example for the iPhone the toolbar moved to the bottom, to facilitate its reach. The indications, the menus, and even the URLs (the addresses of the websites) were changed, now they look in a simpler way.


New functions


Thinking about the wide use that people give to the navigator in their daily lives, Google decided to work to make things easier and safer . This is how Chrome can more accurately complete passwords, addresses and credit card numbers; this factor helps to make the registration of forms faster.

In the security section, Google will help users create strong and unique passwords. “When it’s time to create a new password, Chrome will generate one for you (so that you no longer use your puppy’s name for all your passwords). Chrome will save it and the next time you log in, it will be there, both on your laptop and on your phone, “he explained.

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Similarly, he said that the search bar, that you see on the screen of your device while reading this article, yes, that contains the address of this page, will be smarter and show results without the user opening a new tab . In simpler words, if you look for things like celebrity names, sporting events, weather conditions or the translation of a word, the search engine will give you an answer without removing it from the page it is on.

“While today we bring changes to the Chrome part, you can see that we are always working on” behind the scenes “improvements, and we have done many of them in 2018. We launched an ad blocker to keep you safe from malicious and annoying advertising” , said Google who thanked its developers for the work they have done to occupy the place they occupy today in all its users.

It’s time to eat cake!

Author: Sandeep Shinde