Powerpoint Presentaion

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to illustrate what we want to explain is to use graphic material to clarify it, well said that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In this sense, one of the best tools to do this is a slide show.

There are many applications to make a presentation, however, the best of them in the tool that comes integrated with Office: PowerPoint. In this article we will know how to make a slide show through this complete program.

How to make a PowerPoint

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is run PowerPoint and select “New” from the “File”menu .

Step 2: At this point, we will present a window in which we can choose between some plates and a blank presentation. We select the latter.

Step 3: In the blank presentation, click on any of the text boxes to add what we need to write. This text can be modified to fit our idea by clicking on the “Start” tab and manipulating the “Source” and “Paragraph” options .

Step 4: To add a new text box, click on “Insert” and then on “Text Box” in the “Text” area.In case you want to change their location, simply drag them with the mouse. It should be noted that through “Insert” we can add images, shapes, tables, videos or audio files to the presentation.


One of the most important things when we make a presentation are the transitions, which allow us to pause or move to another point of explanation. To add transitions, do the following:

Step 1: Click on the “Transition” option and select one of the transitions shown in the box. We can also add sounds to accompany the transition, which we can do through the “Sound” option .

Modifying the layout of the slides

To modify the appearance of the PowerPoint presentation, we must select the “Design” option , located at the top of the window, which allows us to quickly modify many of the global settings of the presentation, ie the type and size Typographies, transition effects and others. Note that we can also change the orientation from vertical to horizontal or vice versa of the slides using the option “Orientation of the slide.”

Add Titles

To add slides with titles and subtitles to PowerPoint, we must click on “Start” and access the “Slides” option There we click on “New slide”, action that will display a menu with options like “Title”, “Title and Content” or “Content with title”. We select the type of slide that meets our requirements and immediately it will appear in the list of slides available in the project. Note that we can drag the slides to change their order or delete it.


Once we have arranged and modified the slides as we like, it is time to start with your presentation. To do this, click on the “Presentation” option and then select the item “From the beginning”.

To advance each slide press the mouse button, and to stop, press the “Esc” key .

Author: Sarita Shinde