How to import Google maps to CSV

Google Maps is the online search engine technology website. It offers route planning and street viewing, as well as integration with Google Earth. Using Google maps’ My Maps, you can export maps for use with global positioning system devices and other external software. Simply select milestones or points of interest and then convert the map for external use.


1 Go to Google Maps online using the link in Resources. Click on “My Maps” to the right of “How to get there”.

2 Click on “Get Started” to start using My Maps. You must have logged in to your Google account. (If you do not have one, get one on the Google account registration page, which is also linked in Resources.) You can watch the Google Maps video tutorial before you start if you wish.

3 Add placemarks of the locations you want to select and use. Click on the blue balloon icon to the right of the hand icon, in the upper left corner of the Google map. Then click anywhere on the map to add a placemark.

4 Click on “View in Google Earth” and click on “Copy Shortcut” (in Internet Explorer) or “Copy Link” in Firefox and Safari.

5 Deactivate the address bar, hold down the “Ctrl” key and press “V.” Replace “output = nl” with “output =” kml. “Press” Enter “or” Return “for a download warning to open. Choose to save the file on your hard drive. (The dialog box depends on the browser.) It will be saved in the default download location.

6 Download and install “KMLCSV Converter” using the link in Resources. Click on “Download” from the menu on the right.

7 Open the program and click “Browse” next to the input file. Find and select the .kml file download from the browser’s default download location.

8 Click “KML to CSV” if it is not already selected.

9 Click on “Create” to convert the .kml file to a CSV.

Author: Sandeep Shinde