The importance of digital marketing

Digital marketing, or that which is done through the internet, is fundamental in a commercial strategy because it allows to achieve the insertion of a company in the procedures that people perform to carry out a purchase.

The ease with which a user can consult the options that exist to solve any problem through search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, has modified the dynamics of inquiry, review of alternatives and makes purchasing decisions. If we think about it, we have all been in this situation.

Let’s take an example, we need to replace an appliance and we do not want the new one to fail for the same reason as the one we have. Simply type  what is the best appliance  to find a quantity of relevant information that will help us make an informed choice.

Traditional advertising does not work here, it is not what we are looking for, what we want are the experiences and opinions of other users that draw us a concrete panorama to resolve our issue. This is where digital marketing is inserted and where we can enhance their applications.

The general advantages of digital marketing are:

  • The reaching.  The distances have been shortened thanks to the internet, now we can know what happens to the other side of the world in a matter of seconds. Therefore, when we use network advertising resources we can reach people who are anywhere, which makes it easier for a product to find the customer that needs it. All we have to do is insert the appropriate content in the right places and reach a wider audience.
  • The presence.  Traditional advertising appears sporadically to the public and does not allow the establishment of a direct communication between the client and the provider. If I see an advertisement for washing machines and want to know more, I will not call the company when I see the announcement at eleven o’clock at night because no one will answer me. What I do is check the internet, review the options and, if this company has an online store, I can make the purchase immediately. At all times you can have media exposure spaces and the links between users and company are immediate.
  • The cost.  Buy advertising on a television network, contract sections in a magazine or pay for a spectacular ad requires a large amount of money and does not guarantee that the products or services of a company are the first option that comes to mind when we want to buy something . On the contrary, these efforts and resources spent tend to become the moment when we stop for a swim when we watch a movie, on the page we jump in the magazine that we like or simply in the visual trash that we ignore when we move through the streets of the city. Internet advertising, especially the one that responds to a well thought out strategy, is usually more effective and much cheaper.

Digital media, the internet and social networks have changed the way a company and consumers interact, so marketing strategists must know how to use these resources properly. What began as an experimental adventure has become one of the main tools to put products and services in the hands of consumers.

A particular characteristic of these resources is that, unlike the traditional marketing mechanisms, the messages communicated do not remain unchanged in front of the spectators, but they are transformed in the conversations of the Internet users, they are appropriate, modified and redirected for purposes other than those who had the original advertising.

An example of this phenomenon is the famous campaign that points out that there are things that are priceless, how many times have you not found this phrase to communicate different scenarios? We must know the characteristics and dynamics of digital channels in order to take advantage of the possibilities they offer.

Digital resources and the marketing process

Digital resources offer some advantages in the marketing process that we must know. It is very important that we can integrate these tools to develop a marketing strategy that covers all sides of the commercial spectrum.

It is not enough to choose between traditional marketing and digital marketing, it is essential that we know how to play with both channels to enhance the effectiveness of our campaign and grow sales of our business. An excellent way to promote your business plans is from a concrete plan, for traditional media find support in the digital campaign and vice versa.

The advantages of digital resources that we must take advantage of are the following:

  • A bigger audience  Just review some numbers to give us an idea of ​​the number of users that can find us through social networks. Facebook reported for June of this year, 2017, 1.32 billion active users per day on average, Twiter has 313 million active users per month, Instagram more than 500 million, Pinterest around 110 million and so we can continue with each of these platforms Do we need to say something else? The potential to find consumers for your product or service is very high, especially because they perform active searches to solve their problems, needs and everyday curiosities in these communication channels.
  • They allow free creation.  Nothing is written in stone, everything is possible. Even the most crazy campaign has a place when it yields the results we need. These platforms allow rehearsing new ways of communicating, attracting and conquering consumers, the limit is your imagination. Opening an account on this type of platform is very simple, anyone can request an account to start testing what you can achieve with it.
  • Encourages voluntary dissemination.  The best thing about social networks is that you do not need to insist that users share your content, if it’s good enough and attractive, they will do the job of promoting your products and services. The contents that you place on these channels are available at all times, every day of the year, and will allow you to reach places that you may not imagine. The possibility of sharing your content makes it possible for you to reach the public that is really interested in what you offer.
  • Increase loyalty to your brand.  By developing a closer relationship with your clients, in which you answer their questions, you give them recommendations and encourage a dialogue that enriches both parties, you build a deep bond that is difficult to break and that, on the contrary, becomes your more effective advertising. A satisfied customer who knows that you will always have your support is a prestigious spokesperson for your products and services. In conversations with your friends or family, it is likely to recommend you, because you are always there and because you have found an unbeatable solution. This builds the most lasting brand loyalty.
  • They reveal unique opportunities.  Nobody knows your products and services better than those who use them, you must be attentive to the comments they make about your business. You are likely to discover applications that you did not know about or did not think about. On the other hand, maybe the next advertising campaign you find among the comments of users. Adding to campaigns generated by users is a good way to insert yourself into conversations that interest them, you just have to take care that your participation adds valuable elements. It is not about violating spaces with intrusions that invite irresponsible consumerism, but about finding the right spaces to contribute knowledge and values.
  • Greater brand recognition.  Each publication and each interaction has the possibility of getting an increasing number of people to discover your business. The visibility you can reach is very high. When a user makes a comment in which your brand appears, other users who are connected to your network of contacts can see your name. Maybe they do not become customers instantly, but your brand will be present in their environment. Greater exposure, greater possibilities to sell.
  • More opportunities to convert.  All the content that you publish on the internet, be it blog entries, images, videos or any other format, is integrated into a universe of materials that you have generated and shared, allowing you to keep in touch with old, recent and potential clients. . The timelessness of the internet, that is, the simultaneous availability of what you have online makes it possible for a consumer to approach what you offer and find a large amount of information to help you find and discover that your product or service is the solution to the problem that worries him. Digital resources have shown a higher conversion rate. It is about achieving more presence, more sales and more satisfied customers.

There are some statistics that help us see this with numbers. Sam Kusinitz, Hubspot specialist, published sixteen point data that show the effectiveness of digital marketing.

In a survey conducted among marketing experts, 92% agreed on the fundamental importance and the preponderant role played by digital campaigns for their companies.

They also pointed out that the efforts they devoted to this type of strategy achieved a greater presence of their brands. Also, 80% of these experts indicated that the traffic to their sites increased significantly.

In general, they concluded that investment in digital resources has shown very favorable results. To consult the complete information you can consult this  link . As  Jayson DeMerspoints out ,  this shows the enormous potential that digital resources have in the markketing processes to increase sales.

Digital marketing: benefits of hiring  Consultant

Now, since we know how important digital resources are in a comprehensive marketing strategy. How can we know what are the best digital strategies and, above all, when will we dedicate ourselves to generating and serving the community of users that we can build with social networks?

The complete process of generating content for networks, publication, interaction, care and attention of users is essential to achieve a successful campaign.

We must take care of each one of these aspects and attend them at all times, neglecting our digital presence can be a negative impact that we can easily avoid. Therefore, a specialized agency may be the solution we need.

What we have to do to know if it is prudent that we hire a service of this type, is the execution of an evaluation of the business situation of the company. There are some points that we should consider.

If sales are stagnant, if the marketing team can not cope with the tasks of generating content and tracking users, if the members of the company do not have the talent to generate attractive publications, if sales opportunities are not generated and , especially, if you do not know what works and what does not, then, you need an agency to be able to boost the growth of your business. This way you can get a team with extensive experience that can serve the digital community of your business and attract new customers and users.

You will get more than experience.  You can be sure that the right agency is going to offer you more than experience in the development of digital marketing strategies, you can guarantee the results that your business needs.

If you could get an effective marketing mechanism that generates sales opportunities that are ready to be converted, would not you immediately hire someone who offered you something similar? A good agency can guarantee this scenario.

Costs reduction.  By hiring an agency you can reduce the costs involved in keeping an entire marketing team. Just think about what you need to be able to put a functional equipment.

You need a creative team that generates the strategies, staff with the talent to generate compelling content, designers to uniform the image of the business, web programmers to optimize the quality of your page, communicators who serve the users of the networks at all times , specialists who can analyze the performance of your digital strategy and a team coordinator.

How much would you spend to put together a talented and experienced group? Not to mention what you need to invest in equipment, facilities and more. An agency offers you all this and you will soon be able to observe a growing return on your investment.

Access to cutting-edge technology.  Maintaining a digital marketing team within a company is not only expensive, it is risky. Why? Because unless your business is specialized in the IT sector, it is unlikely that the staff will keep abreast of changes and developments in the sector.

A successful agency, by definition, is constantly on the move, aware of the changing trends and needs of digital communications. This guarantees that you are always operating with the best technology.

The internal marketing team improves its results.  By having a specialized digital agency you can take better advantage of the resources and personnel you have in your company.

The information that is collected from the agency is communicated to the commercial planning team of your company, so you can know what customers and users are looking for, facilitating the process of developing products and services that meet the needs of your potential customers. It is easier to draw a marketing strategy as an integral process when you have the relevant information generated by consumers.

You get an external point of view.  If your business is going through a difficult time, it is unlikely that the internal team will find the key to get out of the quagmire.

If this were possible, they would have already managed to overcome the obstacles that stop your company. Therefore, an external specialized opinion can be the solution. In addition, it is not just any observation, but an agency that is familiar with the problems faced by companies. On the other hand, they also know the strategies that have allowed other businesses to move forward.


Hiring a marketing agency can help you get all the benefits that a whole team of strategists, designers, writers and experts that have a very wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences can offer.

This is more effective than hiring an internal team to develop all these activities or a person who is responsible for each of these tasks. We must remember that having the skills of a team of experts always results in results, the combination of resources and talent guarantees a positive return on your investment.

In conclusion, the fundamental role played by digital resources in the marketing process is not something to be taken lightly. It is an essential activity in the management of a business today, so we must have the tools and resources necessary to deploy a strong strategy and campaign.

The best way to achieve results is through the integration of an experienced and talented team. Remember, if you can not build one inside your company, you can always count on the quality of a specialized agency.

Author: Sandeep Shinde