The importance of SEO to publicize your business or your personal brand

“If you’re not on social networks, you do not exist!” They repeated a few years ago. Nobody discusses the reach of social networks in online marketing , but in order to reach new customers or readers, it should be said “if you do not position yourself well in the search engines, you do not exist”. The SEO (Search engine optimization) is more important for many businesses, blogs or YouTube channels that SMO (Social media optimization).

Because you want to keep growing, right?

Although both social networks and search engines type Google or Bing algorithms to decide what content to show first, in the case of search engines there is a branch of online marketing, which is SEO. This is because trying to appear in a good place in a search engine is more complex than in a social network.

To begin with, in SEO you must combine two types of strategies: 

  • SEO on page , that is, the content and internal structure of our website, online store or video channel; and the
  • SEO off page, which refers to the sites that link to our website, how they do it and to which part of it they point.

To top it off, in case of not complying with the guidelines of good practices of each search engine, we run the risk of being penalized and be less visible, or even disappear from the lists of results. The penalties in social networks are something much less frequent and problematic.

There is also the case that the algorithms of the search engines, Google if we focus on India, change much more frequently than in social networks. In the case of google, more than one average daily update occurs. Some are minor updates, but others involve a radical change in the rules of the game. This is so to offer better results to the user of search engines and to avoid dirty tricks. In the end, it is the user who generates economic profits to the search engines, making advertisers who can not appear in the top positions pay to appear in the advertising spaces.

The trend of google since 2017 is to give weight to the quality of content and the user experience . Google discards duplicate content, but also poor content and sites with low usability . It is important that a URL can meet the needs of many different users, so it is increasingly necessary to invest in quality rather than quantity of content. And all this without forgetting the link building, because the recommendations of sites with authority or related topics remain an important variable within the secret algorithm.

No wonder the number of blogs dedicated to SEO that exist, because the subject is complex and challenging. A good SEO blog can save the novice webmaster the basic and intermediate SEO courses, which are not usually cheap. But, both among SEO bloggers and those who offer online courses, there are many smoke sellers. Heeding your bad advice can be disastrous for our business. Losses of time, money, sales or possibilities of monetization, not to mention when a website becomes irrecoverable from the point of view of natural positioning.

Therefore, it is advisable to be advised only by sites written by professionals such as, for example, the blog of Moz, Blog that, in addition to being written by a reference in the sector, deals with all the aspects that influence the search engine positioning.

Author: Sandeep Shinde