The most important Keywords Ranking Factors for Google in 2019

SEO positioning continues to advance but what we believe today is a key action to improve positioning tomorrow may no longer be relevant. Therefore, SEMRush has carried out the 2nd Edition to analyze the most important Ranking Factors for Google .

This year SEMRush has gone further and in addition to showing us the most important ranking factors, it has also felt necessary to analyze the backlinks profile of the websites.

And why analyze the backlinks of the websites? On the previous occasion, data was provided from sites that only had a greater influence on the position of the domain and the website, regardless of the page on which it appeared in the SERP. In this study, falls were recorded in the first position of each group of keywords, hence the need to take into account other factors that alter the classification of a particular URL.

The following graph is a summary of the main conclusions that we can draw from this study but to get here we have analyzed a data set consisting of 600,000 keywords of the world base and the first 100 posts of the SERP of each of them.


Google's most important ranking


All the data and the importance of these factors have arisen thanks to SEMRush and its machine learning algorithm called “Random Forest” .

The most important Ranking Factors for Google

  1. Direct visits to the website: It is the most influential factor in the classification. For a user to access a website directly is a reflection of great authority and value for Google.
  2. User behavior : The user’s browsing time on the website, the number of pages per session and the bounce rate indicate the quality of the site and the relevance for the users.
  3. Anchor texts : All link factors are extremely important for the ranking.
  4. Backlinks : All affect equally, so it is useless to increase the value of one and forget the rest.
  5. Keywords : The right keywords generate more relevant results even if they are not as popular.
  6. HTTPS : Low volume keywords will not get you to the top but the implementation of HTTPS will be a big advantage over the competition.
  7. SEO On-Page: The keywords in the Title, the goals and the body of the text are not as influential as the other factors mentioned above. Although this does not mean that we have to forget this technique but doing only this action does not make the difference.

Author: Sandeep Shinde