Introducing the new native app from our app store for Android

Today is a very important day for us as we launched the first public version of our official Android app . A long time ago we had one, but it was a webiew  that simply showed our web. We’ve worked hard to introduce you today the native version of our app store , a real alternative to Google Play that lets you search, download, install and update applications through our marketplace in a legal, comfortable and secure.

As usual, you will not find our app on Google Play, or at least the “complete” version of it, because the browser’s policies prevent us from distributing applications from within its own marketplace, so for installed we will have to do From our own website (previously activating the option to download from unknown sources in our terminal) If you already had an older version, simply update to 3.12.

What ‘s new with the new app? On the aesthetic level you will find many changes. Both the tabs and the apps menu has a little face-lift and better transitions, as well as using icons at a higher resolution when possible. There is a new bar to navigate between different sections as well as floating buttons that make both the search and the file download itself more convenient when we have done scrolling on the screen. Everything feels more organic, however repellent the phrase sounds at this point in the film.

But let’s go to what interests us, the functions. We refined the features that were already available in the previous version, but now that the two main functions are much more accurate and accessible:

  • The automatic updates system will automatically download and install the new versions of each app, also notifying us in the notification bar of each management and grouping them if there are several. Likewise, it will only install install apps whose version required matches that of our terminal. If we want to try our luck with apps not officially supported we have to download it as usual, from the web.
  • Installing older versions of an app is easier than ever. Uptodown will detect the apps we have installed in the terminal and the previous ones available from our marketplace, so the assisted process will avoid having to be carrying out searches and checks.
  • Our catalog is still open and unrestricted , distributing in many cases betas, unreleased versions and soft launches  without any geographical limitation. We almost reached the 4 million APKs stored counting previous versions available or later removed, grouped in more than 150,000 chips, park that does not stop growing.

Author: Sandeep Shinde