The iPhone 8 would arrive in September and without one of the star colors


The iPhone 8 would arrive in September and without one of the star colors

It is another of the most anticipated smartphones of the summer. The iPhone 8, a device that should be presented in partnership within a few weeks.

The latest reports that have been published thus reveal it. According to KGI Securities, and contradicting the information that has been leaked since the beginning of the year, the iPhone 8 will be introduced like the others, during this next month of September.

First, the rumors told us that the iPhone 8 would arrive a little later. Now this source, which is usually quite reliable regarding the rumors that it publishes, has indicated that the iPhone 8 will launch in September. And that will also appear in the market along with two other devices: the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

However, it should be noted that although the launch will take place in September, the supply will not be usual. They are expected to be somewhat short on supply (we have already spoken on multiple occasions about the shortage of OLED screens, a technology that will probably come aboard the iPhone 8). It is expected, therefore, that the availability of the new iPhone 8 is somewhat limited until the end of the year. In these lucubrations, Christmas is included and may not be normal until well into 2018.

This can make it difficult to find an iPhone 8 in the market. Or that Apple simply decides to market the iPhone 8 only in some countries.

According to this report, mass production of the first iPhone with OLED screen will begin in mid-September, instead of mid-October (which is what the forecasts indicated). However, it seems that only between 2 and 4 million units will be produced in the third quarter of the year.

Iphone 8 pink

The iPhone 8 will not be available in pink

From a time to this part, Apple has given its iPhone acolytes in different colors. To date, except red (RED version), we have been able to see black, silver, gold and rose gold. Well, according to this same source, it seems that Apple does not intend to bring out an iPhone 8 pink gold. Thus, we will only find it available in black, silver and gold.

According to MacRumors media, this fits with the image that leaked this week. And which showed three hypothetical models of iPhone 8 in these colors. It should be noted, however, that the gold version has a rather copper tonality.

It is worth noting that, as every year we are in the middle of rumors. This means that all information leaked prior to official release has to be grasped with tweezers. So if you’re a fan of pink gold, you should not lose hope. There are still possibilities.

Iphone 8 screen

The iPhone 8 waiting for us

The iPhone 8 that will arrive from September will be somewhat particular. This is a special version, which Apple will announce on the occasion of the tenth anniversary. Thus, a few important innovations are expected. For starters, it is quite possible that both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus have a fast charging system. This would help us to have more energy in less time.

But this is not all. Everything indicates that we will enjoy a wider screen, thanks to the practical disappearance of the edges of the screen. There will be space, of course, for the speaker and front cameras, but there will be no trace of the physical start button.

The OLED display is expected to be slightly curved. The team may have a more advanced processor, perhaps an A11, which replaces the old A10 of the iPhone 7. In all probability, the new iPhone 8 could also have a dual camera system and include an IP67 (or IP68, who Know) to make it resistant to water and dust.

Author: Sarita Shinde