Learn how to create videos from PowerPoint presentations

If you’ve been to a school or college in the years 2000, it’s almost impossible that you’ve never used one of the most famous and old programs in the Office suite, Microsoft PowerPoint.

The software is great when creating corporate presentations, seminars and the like, and can contain texts, web links , images and music. What most people do not know, however, is that it is possible to turn popular slide shows into videos – and this is what this tutorial will teach you how to do. Come on?


Here is 6 Simple Steps to create videos from PowerPoint presentations

Step 1

To save a PowerPoint presentation as a video, you first need to create a presentation – of course. Once the document is open, the first thing to do is click on “File” and, instead of going to “Save”, as we almost always do, go to “Export”. That’s where the “Create Video” option is.


Step 2

Clicking on the option will pop up two expandable checkboxes and a box with a time value to fill.


Step 3

The first option, “Computer Monitors and HD” is where you will choose the quality of the video to be exported.


Step 4

The second option, “Do not use narrations and recorded times”, is to control the described options exactly, if any of them appear in your presentation. If there are no narrations or times, the option will appear as disabled, as shown below.


Step 5

Finally, the value box is there for you to determine how long each slide will appear in the video. The default time is 5 seconds. Just put the desired time and click on “Create Video”.


Step 6

Once this is done, just give the name and select the folder where the file will be stored and then click “Save”.


While the video is being created, you can follow the progress through a bar in the lower right corner of PowerPoint. Wait for this bar to complete and open the video file.


Ready!  From now on, you can access the newly created video from the folder where you saved it and it will automatically play on your media player software with a single double-click. Remember that the more slides and more display time for each of them is left, the heavier the final file.

Easy, is not it?

Author: Sandeep Shinde