Learn Microsoft Excel online for free

Microsoft Excel is a program that is included with the Microsoft Office package. Excel allows users to enter data in spreadsheets; the creation of tables, graphs and trend lines; and complete the calculations, such as averages and totals. Excel can be useful for those in charge of carrying out research, as well as monitoring students’ progress or monitoring family budgets. Although learning to use all the features of Excel can be a challenge, it is well worth the time spent to achieve proficiency in the program. Tools offered through Excel can make an individual more efficient in data analysis, while offering a simple method to control budgets or family income.


1 Access the Microsoft Office web page. This is one of the best resources for obtaining information about the products that are contained in Office, such as Excel.

2 Move the mouse or cursor over the “Help” tab in the gray bar on the main page. Click on the second item in the list, “Excel.”

3 Select the version of Excel you are planning to use in the list on the right side of the screen. Options listed are: Excel 2010, Excel 2007 and Excel 2003. This presents a menu of options that may be of interest, depending on what you are planning to do with Excel. Click on the topic of interest. If subcategories are offered, select the categories that apply. Articles about Microsoft Office will be presented.

4 An alternative method to obtain training in the software is to select “Office Training” in the gray “Support” tab at the top of the screen. Once again, several options are presented. Select the Excel year you are planning to use and choose the information that applies from the articles presented.

Tips and warnings

  • After obtaining the information through the articles and tutorials offered by Microsoft, try using the functions in an Excel file. This is not a certain file, but a “practice” file to learn the basic functions you will use. Continue using the “practice” file as you learn new skills. If you make a mistake in a file, just do not save it. Close the file without saving and open the previous version to start over.
  • Be especially careful with Excel classification until you are well informed with how to do it. Some of the errors that may occur during the classification can be irreversible. If you do not save the file after it is ordered incorrectly, you can always start over.

Author: Sandeep Shinde