How LinkedIn can help you with your professional BRAND even if you start from ZERO and without EXPERIENCE.

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One of the super powers of LinkedIn is that it helps tocreate manage your professional brand

When I started working on this social network, it was the building management of that professional brand that was established as a pillar of everything that would later build.

My services, offers and even the theme of my business has changed over the last 5 years , but my professional brand is still based on the same basis.

Five years ago, my company offered services to create marketing strategies, today I offer consulting services, presentations and training on LinkedIn and sales through Social Selling.

The brand does not change, it grows with you, evolves with you, absorbs your essence.

Your brand is your essence, it is what you are, what you do, how you do it and how that is interpreted by your people, your audience, your network.

Your brand is alive, just like you are. Your brand will continue to grow with you. Whether you want it or not.

The main problem when managing our brands is that – many times – we do not know each other.

In 2017 I wrote my first and only blog (so far;)) called “LinkedIn your professional brand” to tell my experience about how LinkedIn helped me communicate and reach many people the “essence” of my business, my “message”.

But we can not communicate a message that we do not have. Therefore, the first step is to know what we want to transmit, what is our message.

I fight for honest marketing, for transparency, for the truth even if it hurts. And for that, I created my principles and published them on this website.

It does not mean that I am a waste of virtue, but I do not want to deviate from that path (because I know how easy it is) and nothing better than publicly committing myself to try to live and work under those principles.

I’m going to share part of my book “LinkedIn: your professional brand” where I tell you that we all have three weapons to try to discover our message. I called it the FORMULA CO-PER-EX.
Do you want to know what it is?

The 3 weapons you already have to manage a great professional brand on LinkedIn

The important thing is the OFFER, the VALUE you offer. As if it were a product or service, you have to deliver your value.

To do this, you must first discover it and then communicate it.

And your value is there. You’re worth Probably much more than you think.

Can you believe that people buy bottled water? Yes, its free! And
I do not mean areas where the quality of water is conspicuous by its absence.LinkedIn: your professional brand

You have  that others do not have. And your knowledge can help you in some of the facets of your life or your work.

Have a personality that others do not have. And that way of being can help people in their life and work.

You have ex unique experience. You have experienced successes and failures. You have felt fears and enjoyed joys. And those experiences can help other people in your life and your work.

So in this strategy to become relevant in Linkedin, you will have to use these three fundamental aspects:


How to take advantage of your knowledge on LinkedIn

We tend to think that what we know has no value, that anyone can reach that information or that there are many people who know more than we do about a certain topic.

This may be true, but so is the fact that there are people who are below our knowledge, who are interested in our experiences and who have neither the desire nor the time to start looking for the information they need.

It’s that person you have to talk to.

Water is free and there are people who pay for it. Offer comfort and wrapping to the customer and pay for it. There are places where drinking water is excellent and consumers buy water. Why? Because it is more comfortable. You can take it, you can save it, and your purchase is accessible.

With your knowledge, the same thing happens. There will be possibilities of accessing that knowledge (just as you did to acquire it) but not everyone has the same desire to get into it, to give it an appetizing wrapper and put it in the inbox.

I thought that what I know is nothing new. That my knowledge can have anyone. And it is true:

Anyone who dedicates 100% of their working day to aspects related to communication, and anyone who has studied the career of Advertising and Public Relations, and anyone who has received the same courses as me, and who has been in my same situations , anyone who has fought what I, anyone who has solved the same problems and who … expects: MY KNOWLEDGE ARE UNIQUE. Because they are the result of the sum of my experience, my personality and the concepts learned.

ACTION TO BE APPLIED: Go to LinkedIn and ask your network if they want to learn something that you already know. Offer your knowledge (even if it seems basic to you), get out there and explain how you do what you do, tell what you know, and do it for free. Offer value, and you’ll get recognition in the form of attention.

How to take advantage of your personality on LinkedIn

You are unique. There is no one like you. There will be people who will love your way of being (the authentic, not the feigned).

There will be people who are horrified by your way of being (the real and the feigned).

So do not make an effort to look like what you are not.

Nowadays, not starting is much worse than being wrong. If you start, you have the opportunity to evolve and correct to turn your mistake into a success. If you do not start anything, you will never have that opportunity.Seth Godin

There are examples of very sharp personalities that have triumphed, of very cold personalities, very modest, very warlike, very complacent, very ugly and very beautiful, very funny, very exaggerated and very “out of the bunch”.

So, whatever your personality, use it.

  • Are you a happy, jovial person and that you are always in a good mood whether at work or in your life? We are going to make it noticeable. Let your customers buy you, that your collaborators call you because you are one of “those” people who are happy to be.
  • Are you a very methodical person, a bit bored but you provide great security to the one who works with you? We are going to make it noticeable. Let your customers buy you, let your collaborators call you because you are the security they need in their current project.
  • Are you a very emotional person, with a tendency to connect with the needs of others? Take advantage of this feature to build loyalty and ensure that they do not even consider changing providers.
  • Are you a very rational, orderly and analytical person? Take advantage so that your customers know that there is no provider that can deliver the work in the same way as you. Show yourself how you are. There will be clients who need exactly something like you.

What does nobody want?

People (in the end your client falls into this category, right?) We do not want falsehoods. People want to know what you earn by working with them and what it is that she earns herself. 
People want-we want-real people.
It does not matter if you have failed or succeeded.


Record a video and introduce yourself. No more Just as you are. Tell what you do in the market. Who do you help, and how do you help? And then upload it -directly- to your LinkedIn profile or publish it as a wall update.

If you see that it costs you a lot, maybe that is showing you that you have to define your message better or just spend time defining it, or any other aspect that you should work on.

In the workgroup that I created last summer, the first challenge I proposed to the members was to present them on video: and the difference in brand transmission between those who spoke in front of the camera and those who did not was enormous. We convey a lot about how we are talking to others.

Do you dare to take a test?

How to take advantage of your life experiences to transmit your professional brand on LinkedIn

Your experiences are another of the parts that make up your being that make you unique and unique. No two are the same. Do a retrospective review of your life and analyze all those situations that you have already lived, that have taught you something, that have frustrated you, happy, motivated, stopped …

Have you lived abroad? Have you lived with other people? Have you overcome any challenge? Have you overcome frustration? You are wrong? You’re right?

All your experiences are an enormous value that only you possess. And the experiences that you have overcome or supported can be a source of inspiration for others.

Your experiences have transformed you into the person you are today, that person that we find interesting and want to have next … or work with her, or for her. Do not underestimate the value of your experiences. It is what will take you to connect with others. And that’s what all this is about: connection.

ACTION TO BE APPLIED: Write a long post (minimum 900 words) in linkedIn Pulse with the experience that has impacted you most this year and that has influenced in one way or another in your work. If you write it with sincerity, you will see the reactions of your network.

What your profile says about you 

Look at the drawing below. It is an image created from the words that I have written in my LinkedIn profile.
As you can see, there are some that stand out more than others. In my case the words that stand out are:

  • Marketing
  • LinkedIn
  • Company
  • goals
  • Strategies
  • customers

Do you think that summarizes correctly what I want to convey? I think so.


Author: Sandeep Shinde