I lost over 50 kilos with this simple change in my diet

The young Frances Carpenter has demonstrated an extraordinary strength of will to leave the alarming endless cycle in which food was her only refuge

Before, 150 kilos. Now, 92. The weight loss of Frances Carpenter is going around the world, and its small (large) feat has become a celebrity in social networks . Not only because of the changes he introduced in his life (diet and exercise) and because of the good that he has carried out, but because he has demonstrated an extraordinary will to overcome the alarming endless cycle in which food was his only refuge. Images attest to radical change , judge for yourself.

From the earliest childhood, food has been a problem for Carpenter. It was the only thing that gave him happiness: “As long as I have memory, I have always resorted to food as a source of comfort .” He did not do sports, he did not even walk, his days were spent on the couch watching TV or in the queue of a fast food restaurant.

When she tried to go on a diet , she left her after a few days . They never lasted. She felt frustrated, anxious. He knew what he had to do, but he was never able to continue with any regimen: his obesity was a prison from which it seemed impossible to leave. “At this point, I was the only one who got in my way,” he says in ‘ Prevention ‘.

Change of actitud

The obesity is closely related to self – esteem . Carpenter was hurting him in his own skin. However, it was not until he became aware of cases of diabetesand other health problems in his immediate environment that he internalized the great risks involved in these (many) excess weight.

I want to show my followers that natural weight loss is possible. Without them I would not have gotten this far

He decided, therefore, to change his life. Once again. Nevertheless, on this occasion he decided to go little by little, without haste: “I did not want to rush, because I had already failed many more times”. She embarked on a struggle against herself , against her most ingrained habits and a society that did not stop helping her.

The diet

The first thing he did was declare war on carbohydrates , but he did not cut even a pinch his intake of foods high in fat, reason why, in large part, he could continue eating the food that he liked the most. He took advantage of the new rules for innovating in the kitchen. For example, a hamburger with cheese, only without bread. Instead of rice it was decanted by the cauliflower rice (it takes the consistency of the cereal when you cook it, so it is a healthy and different option to serve with your meals). And instead of pasta , zucchini spaghetti.

Then the time came. The time when the scale shows a lower number. In short, the best motivation to continue with the weight loss operation. He also banished cola and juices, and replaced them with water or, at best, flavored waters. As the results became visible, he was including complex carbohydrates in his diet, such as fruits or oats. In particular, avocado , rich in monounsaturated fats (the good ones), became its best ally.

I tried to lose weight many times before, I was not prepared and I always failed. Making the moment is everything

The diet on a typical Carpenter day looked a lot like this:

  • Breakfast : eggs and bacon with avocado, cottage cheese, walnuts or raspberries.
  • Food : Chicken or turkey with vegetables, avocado and a handful of nuts.
  • Dinner : taco salad with cheese, salsa and avocado.

The exercise

At first, it was limited to cardio exercises, basically because it was all I could do. When we are not accustomed or do not think much, we do not usually happen much beyond running . His sessions consisted basically of one hour on the tape , twice a day (once before work and one later) and six days a week.

At six months he had already lost about 25 kilos and that is when he decided to go to a gym and his range of options increased considerably: in addition to cardio, he did weightlifting, toning gymnastics, strength training, etc. Now he likes it so much that he comes whenever he can, usually six days a week. How did you get it? It was sharing his periplo of gym and weights through the social networks . Let’s call it inspiration, motivation or social pressure, but the truth is that sharing a photo before and after each training really worked. “I want to show my followers that natural weight loss is possible. I interact with people from all over the world and it has become an incredible support group . Without them I would not have gotten that far, “says Carpenter.

The best advice you can give

His life has changed, there is no doubt about it. For better, of that neither. He has become much more active, he can walk and travel without problems. In addition, her self-esteem is clouded: “I feel good in my body and I am very proud of how far I’ve come.” In a sense, she has become a small celebrity of fitness and well-being. When asked about the ultimate key to success, he always responds the same (and it is something that is not often heard): “You have to wait for the right moment . Try to lose weight many times before, was not prepared and always failed . Right with the moment is everything. “

Author: Sandeep Shinde