What are the main advantages of Facebook Ads?

The main advantages of Facebook Ads are:

  • Great levels of segmentation : you can segment your ads not only by demographic data, but also by the interests of the users, which is a great advantage when it comes to targeting your ideal client.
  • Absolute Viralization of the announcements:  if your content is of quality, your same fans will be those who are in charge of expanding it in a massive way among your friends.
  • It is very economical since you only pay for the clicks obtained: this means that if you manage to do a good job of segmentation, you will be paying only for those users interested in your business who have entered your ads.
  • Interact with users:  you will have the possibility of drawing sweepstakes, contests or simple surveys with options that will help you to know the interests of your fans.
  • Measure results:  Facebook has developed very detailed reports that will help you optimize your campaigns and improve your performance.

Author: Sandeep Shinde