How to measure the success of your actions on Twitter

To measure whether we are succeeding or not with our activity on Twitter, we must first make clear our objectives. Do we already know them?

In general terms, we could divide the objectives in social networks between two groups: conversion objectives and engagement objectives .

How to measure engagement on Twitter

Your presence on Twitter may be because you need to connect with your community and interact with it.

Twitter has its own statistics available from the tool, which will give you information about the amount of tweets sent, the impressions and interactions obtained, the profile visits, the mentions or the new followers.

It will also show you the tweets that have worked best, your most popular followers or the main mentions.

How to measure conversion on Twitter

To measure the conversion in Twitter you will need to have some kind of tool that connects Twitter with your website. With Google Analytics you can analyze the traffic coming from Twitter (and any other social network) and, through filters, check whether they have converted or not by filling in a form, for example.

How to measure engagement or conversion on Twitter

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Author: Sandeep Shinde