Mia Khalifa: her private life before being the queen of adult cinema [PHOTOS]

Mia Khalifa is the most popular porn star of social networks. A native of Lebanon, this beautiful woman led a demure life when she was not famous. Here we tell you how she really was.

Mia Khalifa  is the most sought-after porn star on the Internet. Her intimate and private life could not be alien to this. Finally reveals what the Lebanese actress looked  likebefore. Your real name, afictions, strengths and joys will never be a mystery.

In these little-seen images of her past, Mia is seen with her first boyfriend, a little blond boy whom she lovingly embraces. She emigrated from her country to the United States at the age of 9, with all her family. His father is a Muslim too fanatical. They lived in a neighborhood in Beirut. In the picture below, she is 5 years old and studied in a middle school.



The real name of Mia is Sarah Chamoun , with that name she made a university race in History of the Art. But shortly afterwards he married an American, who was named Sarah Joe O’Brien . Little is known of her husband, according to unofficial sources she is imprisoned . In this image it is seen that he wears a suit of the North American navy.Maybe it’s just a costume.

In other photographs Mia is seen next to her husband, in a red dress and dressed as a waitress. They say she worked in a restaurant, like that, sensually. He published them when he still did not have his nickname for pornstar.


Mia has not yet divorced or found a new love, she may want to have her partner out of popularity. She had been porno since 19, and was not well known, her success crossed borders when she began to make trios with her burkaa or hijjab .

Author: Sandeep Shinde