Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Pro Workstations

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Pro Workstations

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Pro Workstations

If you are a corporate or business user, this information interests you. Because Microsoft has just officially introduced Windows 10 Pro Workstations. A version that originally had to be presented in June, but has not yet come to light.

This is an edition, the Windows 10 Pro, for large users and company profiles. In fact, we are talking about software especially suitable for computers that work through a good number of processors. And they move large amounts of RAM.

But what are the differences between normal Windows 10 and Windows 10 Workstations? Well, in principle, Microsoft has worked at four levels. This will allow users to seamlessly use computers of the highest range.


Key Features of Windows 10 Pro Workstations

Resilient File System (ReFS). It is a system that will work by default or default, in order to be able to resist and be resilient against problems as serious as data corruption. Thus, the operating system will be able to handle large volumes of information in an agile way and autocorrect when failures occur.

Support for non-volatile memory modules (NVDIMM-N). It is a functionality that maximizes read and write speeds. The files will remain there, even if the computer is turned off.

Share files faster. It is another of the innovations presented by Microsoft with Windows 10 Pro Workstations. Performance has increased in transferring files over high-speed networks. And this has been achieved using SMB Direct. Now the operating system is compatible with remote access to direct memory (RDMA), so the network adapters can operate in low latency and without using too much CPU.

Fourth and last, Microsoft has also explained that hardware-level support for Windows 10 Pro Workstations is expanding. This will support Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron server-level processors, with up to four physical CPUs and 6TB of RAM. So far, in case you did not know, Windows 10 Pro can only work with two physical CPUs and 2TB of RAM.

Enlargement is very significant. So users who really work with high-performance computers will find Windows 10 Pro Workstations a good home.

Windows 10 Pro Workstation

When will Windows 10 Pro Workstations be available?

When will Windows 10 Pro Workstation arrive for users who choose to switch to this version? Well, relatively soon. As Microsoft has explained, this special edition will be available along with the Windows 10 Fall Creators update. The expected event will occur later this year, so we’ll keep an eye out to tell you.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 was introduced as a series, with three embedded versions or for the Internet of Things (IoT), and a total of six more editions: Windows 10: Home, Windows 10: Mobile, Windows 10: Pro, Windows 10: Enterprise, Windows 10: Education and Windows 10: Mobile Enterprise.

Later, Microsoft released Windows 10 S. And two more subscription versions: Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E5.

Starting this fall, Microsoft will deliver to users the Fall Creators Update. An update that will bring with it a number of aesthetic improvements, but also functional. It will be a free data package for all users who already have Windows 10 installed on their computer.

Author: Sarita Shinde