Newsletter: an online marketing tool


What is a newsletter? 

It is an online marketing tool dedicated to communication with customers and users. Since it is a communication with a “high frequency” it is important to take into account if it is appropriate to “bother” our users.

In itself, the newsletter is a digital publication that is sent periodically through email . The frequency is not established per se, but varies according to what the sending entity deems appropriate. Although it is true that it is recommended that it be at least once a month.

The content of a newsletter consists of articles that are interesting for the subscriber of the brand, such as news, news. Whether they are of the brand or the sector itself in general. The fundamental requirement is that the information and the subject matter be interesting for those who will receive it. In many cases they can be accompanied by offers or CTA redirected to a specific content, be it a product or service.

The newsletters are not sent to anyone , who receive them are usually users who have shown a prior interest in the brand and have consented that the entity is sent this type of information. It is important to know that it is the user who has voluntarily agreed to be sent this information because it gives us to understand that they are really interested in us, whether they are products or services.

Does a newsletter add value to online marketing?

This communication tool has great conversion  and loyalty power if used properly. The cost for the company is very lowand yet sometimes it can have an even greater impact than maintaining a continuous link with them. It is very useful to generate traffic to our website. It also promotes the sale of both products and services, either for new customers or for loyalty to old ones. In addition, having voluntarily accepted to receive information, the client conversion rate is in itself higher than any other.

It is essential to keep in mind that the means we use to perform this action is through an email account. Who does not currently have one? This channel assures us that the number of people we are going to reach is much greater than through any other channel.

But before arriving at the moment of sending them the newsletter you have to motivate them to subscribe and thus be part of our mailing list. We can take into account the following points:

  • Offer information different from the web
  • A good strategy is to send them news about the blog, store or service.
  • Give them advantages over other users with exclusive offers and promotions by subscribing
  • Access to news before the rest.
  • Encourage interaction with your subscribed users through comments, opinions or other means.
  • Make sure that the content you are offering them really interests you and is of value.


It is important to adapt the communication channels with the users, not everyone is convenient to send them a newsletter but to those who do, we must do it in an appropriate and careful way, taking into account their tastes and needs, since at the end of the day we are going to be there very often. All this without forgetting to transmit your personality and corporate values that characterize you and interest the user to attract and retain him.

Author: Sandeep Shinde