Optimization and prices

Here you will determine whether you will bid per click (CPC), impressions (CPM) or CPM Optimized.

If you are a regular reader of ePyme , the first two should already know them (you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad or for every thousand impressions respectively). Now, in the bid forOptimized CPM , Facebook will show your ad to people who are included in your target audience users who can see your ads from the segmentation you made.and have a greater chance to indicate that they like your page. This means that, unlike the previous two, you will not be able to establish the bid, but this will be defined based on the chances Facebook believes there is, that they click on your ad.

Which is better or worse? … It is very difficult to define it, since this is completely linked to theobjective of the campaign.

In my case I feel more comfortable with the bid per click. This way I make sure that the user not only saw my ad, but also became interested and clicked on it. Then it will be another challenge for me that the content you have is of good quality and interesting enough so that it ends up concreting in a conversion, but the first step is given.

On the other hand, with the impressions, perhaps the user did not even register your ad and in any case you will have to pay for it.

IMPORTANT:  a click equals the value between approximately 4000 and 5000 impressions. If you can see that bidding for impressions, you have on average one click every 3,000 impressions, undoubtedly this bid will suit you more.

Therefore, what you have to do is play with these three options and try until you find the one that gives you the best results at the lowest price.

And here comes this Facebook Ads Guide.

As you can see, Facebook has grown a lot in terms of its ads, delivering different objectives and very advanced levels of segmentation.

It also modified its structure, facilitating the creation of more relevant ads for users.

It will depend on us then, take advantage of all these possibilities and benefit our business with them!

And you … Are you going to take advantage of these opportunities?

Author: Sandeep Shinde