How to optimize your Website for SEO

Having a good SEO Campaign is essential for any company. This will make you have greater visibility and that potential customers trust much more in you and in your business. Within SEO Campaign, content is king and, therefore, we are going to give you some tips that help you optimize your content with SEO parameters.

Google awards rising from Ranking in its search to those who create quality content and publish it regularly. Therefore, it is important that you devote time to the creation of a unique content, totally original and with SEO parameters that will help you position yourself better.

Content SEO optimization

  • One of the first things you should look at when starting an SEO strategy is keyword research . Google has a free tool that tells you which are the most appropriate:
  • Make a selection of those that best describe your product. It does not matter that they have fewer searches.  If you put too generic words, it will be much more complicated to get conversions.
  • Select the keywords that have less competition , but that are looking for enough

Once you have chosen your keywords, what you have to do is write the entire web so that the search engines give us greater relevance. Thus, when a user types in our keyword, our page will appear.

  • Place the keywords in the title, H1, content, tags, URLs and metadescription.
  • Your keyword must go to the beginning of the title to be more important. The title must have less than 60 characters.
  • Make a meta description that encourages you to click on it. In addition, it must not have more than 160 characters.
  • Google Webmaster Tools helps you find titles and descriptions that are duplicated on your website.
  • Mention the key words several times, but do not overdo it because then you will value it negatively. To not repeat yourself, use synonyms.
  • Bold type is important to highlight the keyword.
  • Each page of your website should have around 500 words of content. In addition, it must be original, never copied.
  • The text within the images is not indexed by Google. To do this, better add an ALT attribute with the keyword.
  • Avoid URLs that are too long Also, the URL extension does not position (.html, .php …)
  • Use links, but no more than 100 per page. The links must be both internal and external, but always useful.

Author: Sandeep Shinde