Pay through WhatsApp will be possible in a month

The leading application in instant messaging is already in tests in the Asian country and at first it will only facilitate transfers between users

The leading instant messaging application  WhatsApp  aims to revolutionize  mobile payments  and completes the integrated payment from your  app , which you intend to test in  India  in a month. The Asian country, with around 280 million users of WhatsApp, has been the country chosen to test the new payment system, although it is expected that, during this period, it will only be accessible to 1% of Indian users. In a first version, the application will facilitate transfers between users, but the idea is that any payment can be made through the messaging service.

According to recordings of the Indian Government, collected by the  FactorDaily portal  , the company has incorporated an entity called WhatsApp Application Services Ltd in the state of Telangana. In addition, the application has joined three banks in the country last October, thinking about the next launch.

Until the system is tested at the user level, it is not known for sure how it works. Everything indicates that it would be a PayPal- type system  , in which the user would only have to associate a bank card with the WhatsApp account. Subsequently, from among your contacts, you would choose the recipient of your money and the amount to be transferred.

According to several specialized forums, you can access the mobile payment function from the  WhatsApp app  with the icon of the  clip  that appears visible in WhatsApp conversations, which now allows you to attach files such as documents, photos, locations, audios or contacts. This new payment option sacrifices the option to take photos of the menu, because the camera icon would disappear to integrate this new payment method. Likewise, it will also be possible to configure the payments from the  Settings  of the application.

WeChat  – a Chinese hybrid of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter – which is one of WhatsApp’s main competitors, has had a similar service since 2004, a method that links the application to a bank account. The result: Cash withdrawals from Chinese ATMs fell by 10.5% in 2016 and card payments are in clear decline in the Asian country since 2013. In addition, telephone payments reached 38 billion in China. dollars in 2016, according to the  iResearch consultancy , a figure that multiplies by 50 the volume in the United States, still the world’s leading economic power, and that accounts for more than half of China’s GDP.

Author: Sandeep Shinde