What platform to choose to create a corporate website?

Platforms like WordPress or Wix can be very useful when creating corporate sites. But are they suitable for all types of businesses?


Having a quality website is, nowadays, of paramount importance for any company .Therefore, when deciding how and where to develop it, it is inevitable to look at platforms such as WordPress or Wix, which for years have greatly facilitated the work of designers and entrepreneurs. But are these solutions suitable for any company?

In general, the characteristics and needs of a business determine how your website should be. And it is based on those particularities that we can define which platform is best for each company.

Create with WordPress

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world. It is estimated that it is present in 30% of internet sites , and companies such as Adobe, CNN in Spanish and Mercedes Benz have integrated it into their sites as a blogging platform .

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that it is not necessary to have a great knowledge in the layout of web pages to be able to use it, since it has an intuitive interface. With a little practice we can change the content of a website without problem.

In turn, experts can introduce significant changes in the code to adapt it according to the needs of the site . This makes the possibilities of creating with WordPress ample.

Other advantages are:

  1. WordPress has several free templates and pays for all users. Edit them and be able to customize the design of these is one of the facilities offered by the platform.
  2. It is free and open source software , and can be used without restrictions.
  3. WordPress allows web developers to create their own plugins to customize the templates at ease. It also has many ready-to-use plugins that allow theincorporation of e-commerce functions, online chat or integration with social networks , among others.
  4. WordPress is optimized for SEO , and offers specific plugins to further improve your performance in that regard.
  5. It can be installed and managed in your own hosting. This adds a degree of difficulty to the installation, although many hosting providers offer an express installation of WordPress when hiring their service. It can also be used -more easily, albeit with more limitations- through wordpress.com.

Regarding the disadvantages of using this CMS, the most important is that WordPress is a robust platform, which uses a lot of resources to be online. The more attractive and functional a site is, the more plugins it uses and the greater amount of information it processes. This results in some sites being heavy or slow to load.

However, this is not usually a problem for artists, professionals who want to show their work or even small businesses. The functions and possibilities of WordPress fit very well in these cases.

Doing business with HubSpot

HubSpot offers a complete suite of content, marketing and sales tools. That is, it is not a CMS platform, but a set of digital solutions designed exclusively for business .

The sites created with HubSpot naturally integrate the techniques and technologies ofinbound marketing : the software includes a CRM, email marketing tools, an optimized CMS for SEO, a hub for managing social networks, calendar, project management, analytics Detailed

The great advantage of choosing a platform that brings together all these aspects is that it allows to optimize management times and provides a very valuable overview , which results in better results -that is: more and better sales.

Other highlights are:

  1. An intuitive working interface .
  2. The possibility of designing sites easily , without having programming knowledge.
  3. Pre-designed templates on which to start working.
  4. Facility to create and integrate chatbots, landing pages, CTAs and othermarketing elements to the site.
  5. Dynamism to introduce improvements and scalability according to the GDD model .
  6. Platform oriented to business and sales generation .

This last point is essential for companies. While platforms such as WordPress or Wix can be easily used to disseminate ventures, portfolios or news services (among others), HubSpot is more business-oriented. The set of tools that has developed over the past 15 years has as a common denominator a marketing and sales methodology that works – one whose return on investment has been demonstrated numerous times.

Because of this, many companies find that investing in HubSpot is the decision that best suits their growth projects .

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Other Ways?

There are many other platforms, such as Wix, Joomla, Jimdo or Drupal. Each one has its particularities, advantages and disadvantages. There is also the possibility that a design professional creates a site from scratch, without resorting to any of them, or doing something hybrid (for example, creating the site on the outside but integrating WordPress as a blogging platform).

In these cases, it is important to evaluate the creation and maintenance costs , both in money and time. Today more than ever, a corporate website requires some dynamism when implementing changes and functionalities, based on trends and possible improvements in the user experience . When the chosen option is a stumbling block to this process, it is better to look for alternatives.

A solution for your company

To make an informed decision, there is nothing like investigating and seeing success stories. In this post I tried to provide some criteria for that search.

HubSpot can help create a scalable, flexible and business-oriented site, especially for medium and large companies that need to transform their website into a lead generation tool and sales opportunities

Author: Sandeep Shinde