How to promote your business on google

How to promote your business on Google or what to do to appear in the first Search Engine results page. when your potential client is looking for your product or service, it is easy if you understand the technical processes and the necessary strategies.

To learn how to promote your business on Google for free, you need:

  1. Have a professional website – Here the steps
  2. Make it easy for Google to index your website
  3. Position your website giving an excellent user experience
  4. Achieve positioning your website with relevant content strategies for your potential client

How to go to Google?

In order for your business website to appear in the first results when people search for something with a keyword there are 2 methods:

How to promote your business on google: Paid traffic

When you invest money in ads through the AdWords advertising platform, you will be able to appear within the results of a search. Google will charge you every time someone clicks on your ad.

How to promote your business on google: Organic traffic

There is also the organic and natural traffic that occurs when a person goes to Google searches for a word or a phrase ( we will call keyword or key phrase ) and Google sends you some results based on that search.

When naturally (organic) your web page achieve appear within the first results under a relevant search.

Normally our potential customers are looking for a solution to their problem to their need and they will put a certain keyword. If your business appears there, in those first results, you will be much more likely to buy yourself and not your competition.

For example, a potential customer searches in google: ” how to maintain optimal dental hygiene ” and, assuming that you are a dental health professional, you create an article within your website with said content, it is very likely that Google includes that page within of the list of results for that user.

This is very important if you want Google to send you qualified visitors to the website of your business.

Today we are going to focus on organic traffic.

For that I will assume that you already have your professional website and when I talk about a professional website it is as taught in my free course that you can find right here where you learn in a few minutes how to create your website yourself and having a professional hosting with your own domain and having a platform so that you can enter your site.

In this case, in the free course, I recommend the platform (software) WordPress.


Software to create and manage your website – Recommended in the free course.

How Google works

How google works

To understand how organic traffic works and how we can take advantage of it and take advantage of it, we need to understand how google works.

To understand this I am going to compare it with a library:

If you remember when we go to consult in a library we arrive and find the librarian. We asked the librarian about the subject and the information we were looking for and needed to consult.

So we said to the librarian, ” I’m looking for business. Give me some information about business and how to promote business, “ then the librarian already had a system to do a quick search among all those thousands of books they had there and gave you some options. Normally he went and brought you certain options so that you could consult in the books.

With Google, it works in a similar way but they are not books but web pages.

Google will give you a list of options for websites relevant to the search the person is doing.

Google uses “spiders” or spiders to go to your website, collect information and bring it to your database. In this way, to classify it and when the user does the search with certain words, for example: “stationary in the city of Mumbai”, then it will quickly search among all its database for those keywords and that combination and will give you the most relevant ones.

When I speak of “spiders” or spiders obviously I’m talking about software that visit the code of your website and if they can access to it they will put that information in Google. This is what we call indexing.

Indexing is the first step (very important to take into account) for Google to start promoting your business.

Factors to be indexed

Well structured and accessible codes. That your website can be clearly seen on mobile devices and that it loads quickly.

Factors to be Keywords ranking

Value content: Publish help content for your potential client.
Positive experience: Getting the user to have a positive experience when they visit your website.
Retention: That the user is delayed inside your website since he found what he was looking for and more.

To be considered a
Backlinks authority: links from other important websites that recommend articles and the contents of your website.
Traffic + returns: Significant amount of traffic (visits) since your website becomes a reference of value information and that traffic, in its majority, is from returning users (since you can gain many paid publicity visits but those visits they do not find value and they do not return).

The importance of a professional website:
It is your space that you can optimize (SEO).
You do not depend on third parties to the position.
You are making authority grow in your domain (your business) and not that of third parties (which is what happens with free web pages )

Tools to improve your website:

  1. Your professional website with your own domain, professional hosting, and platform (software) to manage your website
  2. Tools (WordPress plugins) to install on your website
    1. Measure the speed of your web page with the Google tool that qualifies your page and gives you suggestions to improve
    2. Yoast SEO – plugin to improve the SEO of each of the pages of your website
    3.  – plugin to optimize images (make them light in bytes) so that your page loads quickly


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Author: Sandeep Shinde