Public: the power of good segmentation

his is one of the most important parts of the campaign. Here you will segment it, determining who will see your ads.

To achieve this, it is necessary that you previously know the profile of your ideal client .

Once you know your ideal client, you will have to translate it into the campaign, for which Facebook gives you the following segmentation options:

Demographic data:  here the 4 basic data are the location (only mandatory data), age, sex and language. Anyway, by clicking on “More demographic data”, you can also segment by interests, sentimental situation, level of training, specialty, educational center, university and workplace.

In terms of location, you can select entire countries and exclude certain regions. You only have to click on the arrow symbol pointing down that appears to the right of the country you included and add those places you want to exclude.

Interests: Facebook will help you reach specific audiences based on aspects such as the pages you like, your interests and activities. You can combine different interests, thus expanding the reach of your ad .

Connections: this section will segment the audience that will see your ads according to the connection you have with your page. That is, you can point to people who are connected to your page (who have already done “Like”), to people who are not (who have not “Like”) or both.On the other hand, in the advanced segmentation option, you can also do the same but with people who are or not connected to an application or event of yours.

More categories: it will help you to reach groups of people who share similar interests and characteristics.

Author: Sandeep Shinde