Is there a relationship between social networks and SEO?

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When we develop a Keywords Ranking Strategy  (SEO), we have to take into account many factors and criteria. In this way we will obtain an improvement of our results and in the Keywords Ranking of the search engines. Today we are going to discuss the relationship that exists between social networks and SEO. Do you think that there is a close relationship or they are useless? Read carefully.

It is true that there is currently a debate in the digital world about whether social networks directly influence the positioning of a website. Nobody knows with certainty the algorithm of Google, but there are indications that indicate that we are in a close relationship with these two digital environments.

firm that social networks determine and participate in SEO.

1. The MOZ tool places a lot of emphasis on them:

All SEO professionals know perfectly the tools of this American study ( MOZ ). In fact, it is he who determines values such as PA and DA of a web page. Do you know what appears next to them? Yes, the times that content has been shared on Facebook and Google+; the two main social networks. Interestingly, Google will have more accentuated its social network and Bing that of Facebook. Chance? I do not think so.

Therefore, we consider it a fundamental parameter when determining the growth of a website (PA). The more the content is shared, the higher the AP of that particular page.

In addition, if we access another panel of this tool where they provide the different links on your website we also see that the value that is given to certain social networks is relatively important: Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin.

2. Maps determine positioning in local businesses:

Lately, more and more articles have been coming out in the MOZ community about the importance of valuations and other characteristics to position a local business. We recommend the Casey Meraz article that includes these last features: The State of Local SEO & Where to Focus Now .

Therefore, if you are a business or company and have a location, consider being present in both Google Maps and Bing Maps . Why? Well, because you will generate more traffic to your website and all the evaluations that you make about your business in these platforms will help you achieve better SEO positions in your geographical area. Seville in our case. For this reason, motivate your customers to think and value your company in the different maps.

3. Indirectly increase visits to your website:

Remember that an important SEO factor is to gather an important traffic of users to your website. Logically social networks will help you achieve this goal.

That is why it is always recommended that having a blog and generating quality content are two essential ingredients to achieve a better positioning. Obviously if you get them to subscribe to your blog on your first visit it will be much better; as well as if you combine it with the creation of multimedia content.

4. Increase the possibility of viralizing a content:

Sharing content on social networks can translate into viralize your content and be what is commonly called “trending topic” (“trending”).

5. It causes the search engines to return to read your website before:

Shared links on social networks help Google locate new content on your website. This will make the robots go back to Google to see the news of your website.

6. Google Webmaster also emphasizes them:

If you run a website and you are the webmaster of it, you will have the option to visit the Google Search Console. In it there is a very interesting section where we reveal the different sites that link to our website.

Do you know which site offers the most links to this blog? Pinterest It is true that the quality of a site is not better with more links, but with the quality of them. But when you are starting, the amount also counts. I started using this social network in May and thanks to it I have increased 10 points in DA in 4 months. Well also thanks to other factors.

Therefore, the more tweets, I like and +1 receive a page or entry to your blog, the faster it will climb positions in the search engine. This does not mean that we must necessarily be present in all social networks, but we can manage them correctly.

The case of Pintesret and Tumblr

They are two social networks, perhaps not very well known in Spain. Basically there are few users in it, but they present some novelties at the SEO level. Both social networks are very graphic and you can place infographics of very different sizes. This is a great advantage, but what I like most about them is that both provide dofollow links that are so difficult to achieve in these times. If you can resort to comparing links, but if you get caught Google will penalize you. And believe me they notice many inappropriate behaviors.

It may surprise you, but Pinterest is the 3 social network that most influences the positioning, more than Twitter. Another social network highly recommended the You Tube, but for that you will have to create videos; something difficult for consultancies like ours.

How to optimize our profiles to create a better relationship between social networks and SEO?

  1. Uniformize all profiles and link them properly . For example, if you manage a blog, in the author you will have to place all the profiles that you want to find you to develop this strategy. Some social networks allow linking with each other (eg Facebook allows linking to Twitter). If you dedicate yourself to law like us, try to make it clear in each social profile.
  2. Take care of all the details. Each social network has a description of the profile. Take care of all aspects of it and properly select the same keywords for which you want to be found. For this it is recommended that they perfectly describe your goals, objectives and professional skills. The more concrete you are and all are linked to the same sector, the easier it will be to find you for it. It is true that in each social network you will have a different space to deal with these aspects, but keep in mind what are the fundamental words when writing your profiles.
  3. Remember that quality is better than quantity . It is preferable to create only those profiles that you can manage properly. If you can only build a community on two social networks have only these, do not want to be present at 20 at the same time. You will drive your Community Manager crazy if it is just a person or yourself if you manage it.
  4. Identify which social network is the most suitable for your business . Select only those profiles of social networks that are most suitable for your company; and dedicate each of them about 30 minutes a day. Interaction is the key both to feed that profile, and to influence the SEO of your website.
  5. Design a strategy for each social network. Each one has its own language and its rules (creates related groups in Google + and linkedin or join existing ones, lists in Twitter, etc.).

Elements that take into account to measure profiles to be efficient in the relationship between social networks and SEO:

A social profile is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Number of followers (also called contacts, friends …).
  • Age of the profiles . This also happens with the domain at the web level.
  • Interactions of users with the brand (I like it, tweets, etc.).
  • Brand interaction with users.
  • Volume of publications .

To create efficient profiles it is good that you create a business blog where you will place a lot of content to spread in the different social networks.

Now you are convinced that the relationship between social networks and SEO exists?

We have seen enough indications that show that social networks at the moment are an important factor for the SEO of our website. It is true that there are many elements that determine it, but thanks to it we will have two very important values: traffic and possible viralization of the contents. In addition, the search engines will identify the most efficient profiles and will take it into account in their rankings.

If you want to discuss or reflect on this topic (“relationship between social networks and SEO”), do not forget to leave a comment. It’s totally free;).

Author: Sandeep Shinde