Do you remember ‘Succes Kid’? Well, just turned 10 and …

If you do not know ‘ Success  Kid ‘, you have never entered Twitter. Little Sammy  Griner is, for years, a star of the networks, thanks to a single but glorious photo.

The story of Sammy Grines goes back to August 2007. That summer, the boy was 11 months old and could not imagine that the photo his mother was going to do, Laney Griner, would turn him into a star. They were on Florida beach and his face of ‘ job well done ‘, was going to raise him to the level of myth on the Internet.

His mother shared the photo on Flickr and Getty, without imagining the size of the snapshot.

Between 2011 and 2012, it had its peak of fame . Memes everywhere ran through social networks and sites. Sammy Grines was 4 years old and still did not know she was a superstar. Something that, 10 years later, has changed. Like the young Sammy, who is now a little man.


And we know that his mother, a professional photographer, has shared a photo that compares the two Sammys : the 2007 and the current. He did it with the same shirt, on the same beach and with the same gesture. Well played. That yes, this time without eating sand. It is already greater for these children’s delicacies.

The photo takes on greater relevance if it fits, since the family knew to take advantage of the fame of Sammy, not to profit, but yes to leave a complicated situation. By 2015, Sammy’s father had a kidney problem and treatment was too expensive for them. Before this panorama, they decided to open a campaign of crowdfunding to gather the necessary money for the same one.

In less than a week, the family raised $ 88,000, well above the 75,000 they needed to treat their father. “They have returned my husband’s life and hope for a future for Sam. Thank you for the rest of my life will not be enough,” replied the mother, after successfully completing the treatment.

Of course, there was the lucrative eagerness of the family, who does not want to abuse the fame of his son . In fact, even though Sammy has lent his image to some advertising campaign, the family would have turned down numerous offers to go to top-rated shows on television. In fact, he does not even have a profile on social networks.

‘Success Kid’ has been, is and will be an Internet myth. But Sammy Griner wants to be a normal, anonymous guy, as much as possible.

(Photos: Instagram)

Author: Sandeep Shinde