How to sell your products online for free

With so many free things on the Internet, it’s surprising that most sites that help people sell products charge sales commissions and transactions. Fortunately, there is at least one major player in e-commerce that still allows you to sell your products online for free.


1 Go to the Google Merchant Center website and register for an account. The registration process will ask for your personal and business contact information, as well as some of your payment requirements, such as shipping specifications and taxes.

2 Create a data source by opening your spreadsheet program. The data source is what you will use to place items in your Google Merchant account.

3 Type the words “Title”, “Description”, “Price” and “Link” at the top of the first four rows of the spreadsheet.

4 For each item you wish to sell, the entry title of the article, description and price in the corresponding field. In order to sell the items completely free and without incurring transaction costs, in the field (s) link, include links that can provide the buyer with more information on how to pay you.

5 Save your work as a text file by clicking “Save as” and selecting the option “Text (* .txt)” in the “Save as type” menu.

6 Go to your Google Merchant account “dashboard”, select “feed data”, and then click on “New Data Feed.” Fill in the information and enter the name of the spreadsheet in the last field.

7 On the “data feeds” page, select “Load manual” to feed the new data you just created.

8 Click “Browse” in the drop-down that opens, select the spreadsheet and press “Load and process this file.” Once the file has been uploaded, your products will be available to sell online within the next 24 hours.

Author: Sandeep Shinde